Bharat Band Flop Show

Khalistani Gangs Failed Again To Stop Bharat Bharat Band Flop Show as all major markets, offices and Industrial areas decide to remain open Work...

What is Roshni Land Scam ?

₹25,000 crores land scam shows how Kashmir was looted by Muftis, Abdullahs and Congress in the name of Article 370. Scam that possibly involve three ex chief ministers, finance ministers and top officers of Jammu and Kashmir. The act was misused to the effect that powerful land–grabbers who had acquired government land illegally were made the legal occupants of that government land. The beneficieries were mostly powerful politicians, bureaucrats and influential businessmen. The case has been alleged to have caused a loss of Rs 50,000 crores (approximately $ 7 billion) to the state treasury and has been called the biggest land scam in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Amit Shah’s Mission Tamil nadu – BJP all set to be a partner in Next Tamil nadu Govt

BJP is making inroads in Tamil nadu . You don't have to go to Tamil Nadu to see it, just a visit to BJP's National Headquarter in Delhi will show you the glimpses of change . Everyday groups of people from Tamilnadu are visiting BJP headquarter in Delhi and meeting one leader or another . From state level Big leaders to local district level netas . Tamils are joining BJP in big numbers everyday.