From  Rajneeti Badalne Aaaye hai, Baccho ki Kasam, and whatnot…Kejriwal has proved himself as one of the most corrupt politicians to have stepped on Indian Politics. Ironically he emerged from an anti-corruption movement.

According to reports nearly Rs 45 crore was spent on refurbishing kattar imandar Arvind Kejriwal’s bungalow which is located on Civil Lines. “Operation Sheeshmahal” claimed that nearly Rs 44.78 crore of taxpayers’ money was spent on the renovation of Arvind Kejriwal’s bungalow. The one who attributed himself as kattar imandar had been showing his imandari by spending crores in renovating his house. Also, it needs to be noted that Kattar Imandar Kejriwal spent 45 lakhs over 8 curtains which translates to one curtain worth 6 lakhs.

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