Every second day we hear a Hindu girl jumping into the the valleys of Inter fath marriage with marriage with a bouquet of ‘Mera Abdul alag hai’ in their hands and then never returning back. The authenticity of ‘Love Jihad’ is often judged by the fanciness of the term. Millennials and Generation Z without a second thought label the genocidal theory as ‘sham’ and categorise it as a fake conspiracy theory which is being made by “Hindu Nationalists” in order to already subjugated muslim population in India. The tears rolling down from the eyes of thousands of parents whose daughters went to a place from where they will never return fails to melt their heart and the everyday cases of Hindu girls being cut down into pieces fails to penetrate into their brains. “Love Jihad” or “Grooming Jihad” isn’t a fancy term and looks uncool during public meetings, these are the only two factors which are considered worthy of judging the authenticity of an ongoing phenomena.

Back in 2009 Kerala High Court acknowledged Love Jihad. Back then Justice KT Sankaran of the High Court asked the Government to take congnizence to stop ‘Love Jihad’. The High Court also acknowledged that similar nature of crime are on a rise in the state of Kerala. “If a person from majority converts his/her religion after getting insulted, then the Country becomes weak, and the destructive powers benefit from it.”, this was the statement delivered by Allahabad High Court and the statement was on point. Also Bharat in not the only country which is struggling from ‘Love Jihad’. Countries like Britain and Greece are also suffering from the same issue. Current Prime Minister UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak too acknowledged the hazardous issue and stated that he will be implementing laws to tacking the problem. Also it is quite clear that huge amount of fundings are being alloted to group of muslim youngsters for the task of bringing a non muslim girl into relationship and then converting him into Islam. Instead to all the proffs presented on the table, the new generation still continues to be in denial mode and is happy to take the ‘secular badge” by labelling the issue as a “Made in WhatsApp University” thing.

“All religions are same”, “Every religion teaches good”,”Izlam is a religion of peace”, These are some of the false equivalences we are being fed to us in our school days which are responsible for the seperation of logical and critical thinking from our brains and also are responsible for the creation of deracinated Hindus.These sentences should be considered pure and pious and should not to be questioned by anyone who doesn’t want to achieve the title of a “communal person”. But sadly these sentences doesn’t hold water. The reality of seems to be the exact opposite of what these pious sentences deliver. Instead of Islam holding the title of a peaceful religion, it holds the the undisputed title of “The religion of genocide”. The above 3 sentences plays a very vital role in producing a generation of deracinated Hindus who are cut off from their cultures and traditions. This deracinated generation of Hindus shares a deep sense of self lothing tendency and is apologetic of their existence. Wearing tilak, dhoti, saree, sindur, mansutra is considered old fashioned and in no time the deracinated generation labels the person as old fashioned, misogynist, patriarch and what not. Speaking truth is termed as spreading hate into the society. Asking for equal rights for Hindus is termed as deliberately trying to create unrest in the society. Asking for the revial of sacred Hindu temples is termed as Islamophobia. Speaking in mother tongue is being considered illiterate. The deracinated hindus built their own comfort zones to run away from reality. This deracinated generation has mastered the art to turn a blind eye to everything uncomfortable. “Comfortable Lie comes with repercussion”. Deracinated generation will never be able to protect its civilization and therefore every awaken hindu must try to loosen the grip of this deracination in Hindus.


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