Christmas Is For Conversion?

Christmas has no connection with Christians whatsoever. It was a conversion tool to convert pagans and polytheistic faiths of northern hemisphere into Christian fold.Why...

AGORA movie Essay: a powerful glimpse into the Anti-scientific, dark-Brutal history of Christianity

One aspect of this movie which was so beautifully developed was the scientific temper and aptitude of Hypatia. She was questioning the established notions, giant philosophers freely. She was developing new original ideas. She was not just tolerant but respectful to other faiths. She wasn't fazed by insults. She never gave in to the Christian mob and faced them bravely. This all sounds so familiar. Well, this is the story of millions of Hindus who faced the Abrahamic faiths bravely despite losing the political power and then, faced persecutions in their own homeland of Bharatvarsh. There is one learning lesson. Don't become too respectful to the intolerant for the intolerant will take advantage of this and will readily and happily wipe you out at the first instance of gaining power.

Not just Bharat, Hindus should seek to establish Dharmic Hindu rashtras around the whole world

Almost all the problems humanity is facing today is because of the lack of Dharmic values amongst humans. Be it global warming, religious terrorism, rape & crimes against women, racism, animal cruelty, or even the latest Wuhan coronavirus. You name the problem and an accurate diagnosis of the problem would lead you to only one conclusion: lack of Dharmic values.

Is Meghalaya Police Against Hindus?

In a complaint filed with @MinistryWCD requesting @smritiirani ji for urgent intervention & rescue of women & children against institutionalised harassment in East Khasi...