A case of threatening a Hindu man has come to light in a Muslim-dominated village of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that some Muslims of the village entered his house and threatened the old man and forced him to accept Islam. The victim had complained in this regard on 25 July 2022. Taking cognizance of this, Mathura Police has ordered action on August 31.

The name of this village is Mehrauli, which comes under Kosikalan police station area. 60-year-old victim Tejram has given a complaint to the police in this regard. He stated that about 18 years ago he and some other Hindus got government plots in the village. Some time back Tahir, Tarif, Aashi, Amir, Idrish, Gunna, Amir, Amsar, Babbu, Shabbir and Sagan from the same village cut the trees of their plot. After breaking the maid of the fields of a person named Godharan from the village itself, he mixed it in his field. Tejram had complained about this incident to the police and the patwari. This angered the accused.

Tejram alleged that the accused also have electoral and religious enmity with him. He informed that in the evening of July 23, Ashi, Tarif, Amir, Idrish, Babbu and others entered his house and abused him. When Tejram protested against the abuse, he was beaten up badly.

The complaint states that when neighbors tried to save Tejram, they were also threatened. According to Tejram, the attackers said, “This village is ours. Here’s to living in our ways. We Muslims are 90% here. If you disturb more then you will wash your hands from life and land. Come to our religion or leave this village and go away.” According to the complaint, the attackers also broke the belongings of Tejram’s house on the way.

According to Tejram, there have been incidents of assault and intimidation with some other villagers as well. But no one comes forward fearing the accused. He also claimed that the accused were in possession of weapons and contacts with local criminals. It has also been alleged that Kosikalan police and revenue employees also work under the pressure of the accused. On Tejram’s complaint, Mathura Police has directed the station in-charge Kosikalan to investigate and take necessary action.

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