Jokers at (a)Dharma Productions tried to sell Rumi and “Brahmastra ki Kismat ka Sikander” to supposed small dick bhakts (we will come back to this statement) fully knowing that thanks to folks like @gemsofbollywood and @kamaalrkhan, the film has suffered Raam Naam Satya even before its release.

First, how long can Ayan Mukherji keep launching the over-adult Ranbir as a 20-something-year-old? Ranbir, – the big beefeater guy – was already balding in his debut film and looked older than Salman Khan lecturing us on having varieties in life and not eating Dal-Chawal every day. Well, Ranbir, errr whatever your mullah name is after marriage, some of us want you to know that we too need variety, and we are sick of seeing you in the same role, over and over with your sub-par acting in every movie. One can admit that you play the negative roles better than the goody-two-shoes overacting roles, but still, the public is ready for variety; they don’t necessarily want to see your #nepokid face in films as frequently as Ayan and KJo would like to believe.

Second, Alia Ashraf Bhat is no stranger to hobnobbing with anti-national activists. Her weirdo father who converted to Islam in order to marry Alia’s mother is rumored to be the biggest all0things bad peddler and contact in the gutters of Bollywood. Alia’s mother too has made no two qualms about wanting to live in the failed state of Pakistan. Alia should have stopped at Raazi but the chicken lover PETA person of some year doesn’t know when the public is fed up with yet another #nepokid. The Zoom meeting where she’s seen smelling her butt whaft doesn’t help her image. Her husband making fun of her pregnancy weight and “failoing” all over isn’t taken lightly, though the usual feminists are silent since they are #bhadwood sympathizers by default. In sum, no one wants to see these two nepo kids on screen anymore.

Third, bad CGI along with Bollywood’s oldest 786 proponent and convert – Amitabh – are all part of this bad, bad production. Say who wants to watch Dragon Ball Z in Urdu with old people? Even if there was no #BoycottBollywood movement, this film ki kismat was already written. People are tired of seeing the same smirky face, bad wig, and smarter-than-thou presence constantly giving unsolicited gyan to the audience.

Fourth, on top of all this is the actors’ flippant attitude toward the audience. Alia telling us that we don’t need to watch her films encapsulates the true feelings of all nepo kids and those associated with #bhandwood in general. Let’s not forget the idiot Shreemi Verma and her tweet about small dicks. This uber-woke duffer choked on her words

(no pun intended) after being trolled and exposed for who she really is and Dharma productions in general. Do these females think that insulting the public will bring them to the theater to watch their garbage acting? Do these clowns really not understand that it is the audience who will make them and also break films?

Though not female, another duffer nepo kid – Arjun Kapoor – who has yet to have a hit film under his belt went on to threaten the public who have consciously and collectively chosen to boycott #Urduwood. This still-obese overgrown man-cow is of the opinion that Bollywood has been too “sharif” thus far and that stars have had enough.

This probably was a warning to folks like #KRK who help form public opinion about films in general. The poor guy was probably lured to India and then taken into custody for 14 days. For what? A tweet in ill taste?

In short, the Indian audience has outgrown the allah-mullah-maula-ishq-mushk garbage and no one wants to see yet another sex jihad story and obvious mocking of the Hindu faith. It gets old, ya know. The longer garbage sits, the more it stinks. Bollywood ki kismat ka sikander has fallen in the sewers and has no chance of floating in naya Bharat.






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