Tamil Nadu Police arrested a person for allegedly posting controversial comments against MK Stalin-led DMK on Twitter claiming that the ruling party cadres made fun of India’s first Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat, who was killed in the IAF Mi-17V5 helicopter crash incident.

Critics often say that – “DMK never changed its policy . Bullying the opposition, twisting the facts, spreading hatredness, shameless lies , divisive politics personal attacks are the main policies. Corruption is the life line.”

Maridhas is a political commentator and his statements do not hide behind articulation. Unlike Karunanidhi, he is a point-blank orator. He was a communist who turned into a right-winger. He has been vocal against both DMK and ADMK, but he is more vocal against DMK compared to ADMK. He has been demolishing the historical lies that were propagated by DMK in the state (similar to what Congress did at the centre with history books).Of late, Maridhas has drawn his battle with DMK proxies in mainstream media. Very recently he released a video on how DMK has created a media mafia. The issue of DMK controlling the media acknowledged by Madan Ravichandran who started his youtube channel recently. Though his statement did not have reference to Maridhas, he too spoke in a similar manner with his personal experience which corroborates what Maridhas has said.

The one video from him where he speaks about DMK proxies in mainstream media has jolted DMK party member and their proxy members. The unique thing about this issue is DMK has taken the course of shadowboxing. Shadowboxing in politics is a new aspect introduced by DMK in recent years. It has been rising since 2017.These shadow boxers of DMK will portray themselves neutral such as media person, activist etc. Maridhas has taken head-on against these shadow boxers in television channels recently. There are shadow boxers of DMK are not only in news channels but also in print media, and social media.

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