Love Jihad Cases are increasing day by day. Every single day new cases are coming up where Hindu girls are seen losing their precious lives. A new case of love jihad has come to light from Sitapur in Uttar Pradesh. Where Wasim implicated a Hindu girl in a love trap by hiding his real identity and disguising himself as Arjun, a Hindu guy, and then got married in a temple. After a year of marriage, the girl filed a complaint against him after she got to know the real identity of Wasim and got Wasim arrested.


Actually, a girl living in the Tambaur police station area under Laharpur tehsil of Sitapur has lodged an FIR against the accused Wasim in the case of ‘Love Jihad’. The victim has alleged against Wasim that when he was identified, the accused had told himself as a resident of Agra, stating his name as Arjun. Both were also married according to Hindu rituals in the temple. However, things changed after the baby was born. The victim girl alleged that after the child was born, Wasim started pressurizing her to convert to religion. But, when he refused, he started beating. The victim says that she came to know about Wasim’s truth after a year of marriage. Both were married in the year 2018.


According to reports, the victim girl and Waseem’s family members had reached the Tehsil office due to the dispute, where the victim told the whole truth to the lawyers. After this, seeing the case of ‘Love Jihad’, the lawyer called the outpost in-charge Jai Prakash Yadav and called the police. On reaching the Tehsil office of the outpost in-charge, the girl told that a year ago, Waseem had married her in the temple, stating his name as Arjun. With whom he also has a child. During this, when the victim and the outpost in-charge were talking, the accused Wasim and his family members fled as soon as they got the chance. However, later the police arrested the accused.



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