The concept of Proselytism is a force working against humanity. The concept has took uncountable lives on this planet, destroyed thousands of pagan religions and destroyed many ancient civilizations. And the worst part is the concept is still the pushing force of genocide of non believers, those who doesn’t believe in the words of bible or quran and believe in their respective religious faiths.


On 26th of October, Dibrugarh Police in Assam has arrested 3 Swedish nationals for violating visa rules. There are 2 women and 1 man among the accused. All three of them had indulged in illegal conversion activities on the pretext of tourist visa. The names of the accused are Hannah Mikaela Bloom, Marcus Arne Henrik Bloom and Susanna Elizabeth Hakanasson. According to media reports, the three accused were luring people to become Christians during a program at a tea garden in Naharkatiya area. They were trying to illegally baptise non believers. A program named ‘Peace and Healing Prayer Festival’ was organized here from 25 to 27 October.


The Swedish nationals arrived in India on October 19 and reached Assam on October 24. The three people reportedly on the pretext of the “Peace and Healing Prayer Festival” event scheduled between October 25-27, lured people to the area to seek ‘blessings’ and get ‘healed’. The event was organized by United Churches Fellowship and Bless Assam Mission Network.


The DSP said “Three Swedish nationals came for a meeting in Naharkatia and as per their tourist visa they are not supposed to deliver any lectures”, DSP Namrup, Naba Kumar Borah said while talking to the media. “As there was a violation as per the section 14 Foreigners Act, a case has been registered and later arrested. We had information that they were involved in missionary activities and were preaching at a church in Namrup. Based on the information, we collected photo and video evidence and found the allegation to be true,” informed the Dibrugarh superintendent of police Shwetank Mishra. “Since they arrived on tourist visas, it was a violation of visa norms. It was also found that they violated Section 14 of the Foreigners Act (for actions in violation of visa conditions). Based on that, they were apprehended,”.

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