Human babies are born only with the brain, the hardware. Mind, the software, forms after birth, including OS and all the Apps, which are installed by parents, family, and immediate society. So human babies become what family they are born into.
Cinderella is a European story. It reached England, and the world ruled by them, through translations. In Europe, story has two versions, French, and German.

First Cinderella the name. The girl, mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, after completing the day’s chores in the evening, used to go and sit in the cinders by Chimney. So they used to call her Cinder-arse (In German version, name is accordingly ashenputtel) which became Cinderella.

Story in both the versions runs same till the prince sends his men to try the one glass slipper left by fleeing Cinderella on all the girls of his kingdom.
In french version, Cinderella forgives her sisters, and gets them married to nobles of the king.

In German version, the stepsisters even cut their feet in efforts to fit them into the glass slipper. And Cinderella in German version does not forgive them. In the end doves peck out eyes of the stepsisters.

And so, Germans twice burned Europe for no reason, and even roasted human beings alive, in millions. Because their version of even a children’s story is gory and bloody and cruel.

Leftists wail a lot about “hate speech” and dehumanisation. Al.lah tells Mu.slims to hate all non-Mu.slims in Qu.ran 60.4 (and in 5.51, 4.89, 4.144, 5.54, 6.40, 9.23, 58.22); and says that non-Muslims are worse than animals in Qu.ran 7.179, 8.55, 98.6, 25.44. Won’t this hate and dehumanisation have consequences? It is having consequences for 1400 years now, 27 crore human beings have been murdered for being “hated and worse than animals.”

And Al.lah goes on to declare that non-Mu.slim women can be captured, kidnapped, seized, and used as sex slaves in Qu.ran verses 4.3, 4.24, 23.1-6, 33.50, 33.52, 70.30; and so millions have been sex-enslaved and are being sex-enslaved, and slaughtered like animals and packed into suitcases.

Forget the Leftists thugs, even the leaders of non-Muslims, the kafir leadership, all over the world are silent, instead of confronting Mu.slims as to why they are teaching their children hate against non-Mu.slims, are dehumanising non-Mu.slims, and declaring non-Mu.slim women fit to be raped.

This is the biggest scandal of history, this silence of kafir leadership and kafirs in general over this flagrant hate speech, dehumanisation, and license for rape being taught as a religion proclaimed by one true god. What children are taught has consequences; whether in fairy tale or in a book of religion.

(Tomorrow is 26 Nov, the day of Mumbai terror attack anniversary. In the attack on the Jewish Chabad house, the two terrorists did not kill baby Moshe, though he was in the house with his parents for close to 12 hours, till the maid hiding in the house ran out with him. Because the terrorists were living till 70 years ago among the people who prohibit killing of any living organism. Who teach only mercy to their children. But Pakistan is now fast moving away from Sanatan Civilisation and is therefore getting feral by the day. Afghanistan is already too far away gone.)

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