History and Heritage are inexpugnable and immortal. The owner will Claim them one day. The 6th Dec-1992 Shaurya Diwas (Day of Valor) is the day of Hindu renaissance, When Sacred Ram Mandir was reclaimed by Sanatan world.

World should recognize the fact that Sanatan/ Vedic is the oldest among the three original beliefs associated with humanity. Sanatan, Zoroastrian, Judaism. The Journey of a beast turning into a human is the journey of religion. The religion has shaped the civilizational value and humane ethos. And any claim related to these entitlements should be beyond the scrutiny of law and limitation.

The new generation should be told and reminded about the Hindu heritage of Lord Ram and his birth place Ajodhya. The Personification of Lord Ram has great meaning. The conflict in the world about God in form or without form (Sakar or Nirakar), believers/ Theist and non-believer/ Atheist (Astik or Nastik), in Single form or in myriad form (Ek Brahma Wadi or Anek Brahma Wadi) have all been explained through the Persona of Lord Ram. The Ramayan by Maharishi Valmiki and Ram Charit Manas by Saint Poet Tulsidas are epics and philosophy for everyone to read and learn.

Medieval invaders identified as Meleccha, a medieval sobriquet desecrated the sacred temple, plundered the wealth and erected a dome to erase the heritage of Sanatani Samaj. The idea of Ram Rajya and Ram Darbar that had governed the glorious ancient India fell from existence and the State turned into a gloomy depressed blood thirsty medieval idea.

Sanatan means perpetual everlasting which can never cease to exist. It resurrects to guide and to claim the ownership by reclaiming its identity for ever in its purest form. The Shaurya Diwas (Day of Valor) on 6th Dec is celebrated across the world commemorating the sacrifice made by Sanatani in this process.

The day is set to enlighten billions of forgotten humane souls whose heritage and happiness had been deceitfully stolen and whose time is reaching ripe for it to be reclaimed by their original custodian. It is time for all the Persian to celebrate and learn about 6th December -Shaurya Diwas (Days of Valor) for reclaiming their Zoroastrians Heritage and ancestry. It is time for all the Gandhara Afghani to reclaim their Hindu Shahi Heritage. The Sindh ancestry of King Dahir, The Pakistani Punjab heritage of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, The Bangladeshi pride of Hindu Ancestry and Indonesian pride of Bali ancestry is irrefutable and glorious.  All can learn and correct the historical blunder of time by reclaiming their Heritage. Shaurya Diwas is for them as well.

The 6th Dec Day of Valor is no ordinary renaissance. It is set to invigorate the conscience of sleeping masses to awaken society. The years of Injustice, tribulation and ignorance has had its age. Shaurya Diwas is set to motivate the Humanity to break the Shackle and emerge victorious into the lap of happiness, peace and progress.

Long Lives to those countless brave hearts who sacrificed their present for us to see and celebrate 6th Dec – Shaurya Diwas.

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