More often than not people believe that they would receive the visa approved if they have applied through an agent. It becomes a shock when the PR application is rejected by the authorities. Applying for Canada PR through approved immigration lawyers in Canada is the ideal way to reduce the chances of rejection.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the authority for issuing Permanent Residence in Canada. They are strict regarding the issuance and follow the meticulous analysis of the applications. We have conducted an analysis of the PR rejection rate. A discussion with the immigration lawyers in Ottawa revealed the prime reasons for Canada PR application rejection. Here we are listing the 7 reasons that can lead to possible rejection.

1. Person with a Criminal Background

Your PR application can get rejected if you have been charged with any criminal offenses in your home country, at any time in the past. The offense might have been a minor one, even if it is a petty case like a traffic incident or rash driving. The authority may reject a PR application even if the case has been closed and you have been acquitted.

This has been a major reason for PR rejections in the past. We advise you to be honest in the visa application form you fill out. The authorities undertake a thorough verification of the applicant. Hence, they might dig out the history you may be trying to hide. In that case, you will not be granted PR.

2. PR Rejection on the Basis of Medical Conditions

The Canadian authority has stipulated a medical examination of the applicant at the authorized medical centers. A set of lab tests and examinations form part of the medical procedure preceding PR application. This is done to eliminate the chances of persons with severe diseases, which might be contagious in nature, obtaining PR. Considering public health as a paramount priority, the IRCC can deny granting PR.

Also in case, the applicant has medical ailments that can put an unwarranted burden on the Canadian healthcare system, the person’s application may not be approved.

3. Misrepresentation can Invite Rejection

The authority inspects the application and the associated documents thoroughly. If it finds any misrepresentation or generates any doubt on the same, the application would be rejected outright. We request you to fill out the application carefully and furnish only genuine documents.

The instances of misrepresentation include:

  • Submission of a fake document
  • Hiding about visa rejection by another country
  • Filling false work experience and qualifications
  • Not mentioning a family member
  • Providing false DOB

4. Non-provision of Financial Documents or Lack of Adequate Funds

The person filing for Canada PR must be financially capable of looking after themself and taking care of the family located in Canada or in the home country. PR would be rejected if the authority thinks that the funds are not sufficient for meeting the requirements.

Another reason is that the individual failed to submit adequate documents proving the fund status. The submitted bank statements and fund cars must clearly indicate the availability of funds and establish the strong financial status of the applicant.

5. Not Pursuing the Timeline Set

The IRCC has stipulated a timeline for submitting the application and supporting documents. Missing the timeframe or the schedule directed can lead to declining the application.

At times, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may issue an extension period. Nonetheless, the applicant must submit documents seeking a timeline extension. The extension is issued only if the reason provided is strong and genuine. Otherwise, they would not issue an extension period and the application would be rejected.

6. Improper or Incomplete Documentation

The IRCC might refuse your PR if the directives issued have not been followed, or the documentation is improper or incomplete. You must fill out the forms carefully and attach all the requisite documents. The detailed checklist shared by the IRCC via email must be followed without fail.

We suggest you hire or seek help from expert Canada immigration lawyers. Note that, you must approach only an approved immigration lawyer in Canada. He or she would be able to handle all the documentation activities on your behalf. Besides offering comprehensive support throughout.

7. Not Meeting the Eligibility Requirements

The authority has stipulated the eligibility requirements for issuing Canada PR. Your chances of getting rejected are almost sure if you do not meet any of the requirements. Education, qualification, age, work experience, proficiency in the English language, a clear background, and many other factors are included in the set of eligibilities described. There are 60+ immigration programs available in Canada. Each of the programs has mandatory eligibility factors to be met.

Lack of knowledge about the procedure is the main impediment to complying with the formalities. To know more about Canada PR, you may reach out to us. You can prevent Canada PR application rejection by following the process properly.

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