Having a business website is very much the need of the hour. The world is slowly moving towards achieving digital empowerment. Even if your business website is not an ecommerce oriented one, having a website to represent your business’s name is now an essential part of growing your business and its online presence. There are many factors that make the best attributes for the website, and in this blog, we tend to discuss along similar lines and decipher how a good website is made.

The four principles on which the website is designed:

  • The website requires a defined purpose. Without a clear purpose, it can be difficult to structure the website. 
  • The visual design of the website should be attractive to the customers.
  • The content should be directly connected to the business or product line you are catering to. 
  • Navigation should be crystal clear and should never be ambiguous. 

Now, let’s give much more importance to the main attributes:

  1. Website design

The layout of the website should be aesthetically pleasing and attractive to customers. A website without any proper format or layout can be quite tedious to figure out, and the bounce rates will be quite high. So, a pleasing website with all the necessary attributes lined up well should be the first step to a good website. A great site design can bring in more trust, thereby improving recognition and possible sale conversions. Website development company in Kerala are astute in providing designs that align with business objectives. 

The color of your website itself plays a huge role in how you want your customers to perceive it. A good designer will be able to understand your requirements and produce what you really want. Using a font that connects well and is legible to the reader is the next feature. Adding images that are of good quality is a necessary need. Grainy images degrade the quality of your website and, in turn, your brand name. Adding visual features that have no way of connecting to your brand accounts is no use.

  1. Technicalities of the web design

The technical side of the website is as important as the visual side of it. If the website is not meeting its technical requirements, it can eventually lose customers. the major technical aspects, such as responsive designs and mobile-friendly interfaces, SEO, architecture, and navigation. Web development companies in Kerala have many professionals who deal with the above-mentioned aspects with proper strategies. 

  • A responsive web design is one where the website is accessible on any kind of device. As the number of smartphone users is on the rise, which means that any website should be exclusively mobile interface friendly. There are websites that help you check whether your website is mobile-friendly and you can make changes accordingly. 
  • Website load speed is the next feature you have to look into. The website has to be laid out quickly, and a slow loading pace can result in a higher bounce rate, where the customers leave the website for the better loading website of the competitor. You can conduct a page speed test and act on the suggestions that are provided after the test. Compressing images and bandwidth will be the best way to deal with it. 
  • SEO is one of the main ways through which you bring customers to your website. Make sure you do intensive keyword research. And, optimize your website with on-the-page SEO. 
  • The navigation to your website must be a pretty easy one. Only with good navigation will SEO work and help in better usability. Map out your website for better navigation. 
  1. Website Tools

Website tools are those enhancements that can make your functioning website better in many aspects. There are many additional features that can be added to the website to make it even more customer friendly. Web development company in Cochin has been working at a constant pace to derive different web enhancements that help promote the overall traffic to your website.

  •  Live chat is one such option where you can directly help your customers connect with you using the chatbot facility. It can help you understand the preferences of your customers. 
  • There are apps that will help the customers to remind them of the items they have left back in the cart which can kindly ensure their coming back to the site for the purchase. 
  • There are other programs which kind of tune in the SEO in the on-page SEO.
  1. Google Analytics

This is a free service that is easy to install and highly beneficial. These analytical features can help you understand where the traffic is coming from and why the bounce rates are high. Google Analytics is the most used program, which gives you prompt results, and as it is free, there’s no reason for you not to choose it. 

There are many web developers in Kochi, Kerala who are proficient in creating websites according to your needs and requirements. They have professionals who are experts in their field of expertise and constantly update them with the latest trends. These web developers also create websites solely within your budgetary constraints, and hence, there is no worry of being overpriced. 

Make sure you understand all the aspects and hire the best web developer to suit your needs. 

DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.