Erectile dysfunction is a weakness in males which renders them incapable of getting an erection. The problem is not related to age, but age related health issues can lead to situations where erectile dysfunction occurs.

These days’ males are able to cure the erection issue with medical and non medical solutions. Though doctors prescribe Sildenafil Citrate 120mg to get a quick relief from severe erection issues, the majority of males prefer natural ways to deal with the issue. 

They prefer some food or fruits which can remove the underlying causes of erection difficulty. Nutritionists are also researching food products to help male deal with health issues including erection dysfunction. Sweet potato has emerged a new natural way to deal with the issue. Let us see how it can help a male with an erection problem.

Sweet potato help reduce blood pressure

The potassium content in sweet potatoes makes it easy to lower the blood pressure. High blood pressure reduces the blood flow in the body.  It is one of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction in males. The potassium widens the blood vessels and creates space for smooth blood flow. 

Easy blood flow helps in erection with required stimulation. Males who are using blood pressure medicine and erection boosting medicines risk interaction of medicines. They should depend on sweet potatoes to deal with blood pressure naturally.

Control weight to control erection

Obesity increases the odds in favor of erectile dysfunction. Obese male is likely to face erection issues in near future, if he already is not dealing with erection problem. One of the best ways to dieting is to include sweet potatoes in your diet. 

The fiber in such potatoes travels in the digestive system without being broken down, which helps your body to burn more calories in its digestion. It fills your system longer to prevent overeating, thus helping to keep a tab on weight gain.

Check on blood sugar levels

High blood sugar levels create conditions for diabetes, which is one of the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. The manganese in sweet potatoes activates the enzymes, which accelerate metabolism to process fats and carbs.  So, all unhealthy sugar that is consumed cannot do harm when sweet potatoes are consumed in diet.

Reduce the chance of overeating

The high water content of the sweet potatoes, 100 gram has 77 percent of it, keeping you hydrated in summers. It also ensures that you feel full and there is less craving for food at odd hours. Keep such potatoes as part of your diet to maintain strict control over eating and prevent overeating. A healthy body without extra fat ensures smoother blood flow, which supports a healthy erection process.

Count your sperm

The vitamin E in sweet potatoes could increase sperm count as some nutritionists believe. The vitamin has been behind boosting fertility in males and females. Low sperm count has been mentioned in some males behind erection issues. 

Some males with erection issues have low sperm, which in turn is cause of low libido. Low libido makes it difficult to get an erection even after using sildenafil citrate 150mg. Doctors recommend some physical stimulation for an erection. With low libido males find it difficult to get an erection, which is why increasing sperm count helps.

Healthy snack

In addition to all the benefits that are listed, sweet potatoes also have some extra vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, copper, phosphorus, manganese, pantothenic acid, etc.  All these extra vitamins ensure energy, libido, and smooth transmission of signals from brain to the central nervous system for an erection process.

Vitamin B6

The vitamin B6 in sweet potatoes makes it possible to kick start the erection process. It helps the brain to communicate effectively with the central nervous system to stimulate blood circulation. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to fatigue, irritability, muscle weakens and poor erection process.


Sweet potatoes cure several underlying issues that are behind erectile dysfunction in males. Directly they do not help, but their benefits cut the risk of erectile dysfunction. The vitamins and minerals in such potatoes help overcome deficiencies which create conditions for poor erection. Sweet potatoes can be consumed in any weather to get the health benefits.

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