A Hindu-Sikh girl, considered to be a minority in the failed Islamic Republic of Pakistan was raped and disposed off in a sugarcane field in Sindh.

Sindh Islamic goons are responsible for continuous massacre of Hindu females – toddlers, students, underage girls, and grown women. These perverts don’t spare older Hindu women either; they are hellbent on using tactics such as kidnapping, extortion, rape, conversion and murder.

Most often such news don’t even make it to mainstream media channels as no one bothers to care about minorities in Pakistan. Most Hindus are massacred in supposed Hindustan – Bharat itself, so why should anyone pay attention to the plight of Hindus in failed countries which border India?

@SinghGovt1 looks the other way while the @GovtofPakistan is being run by an overgrown puppet who is obsessed with Islamizing leftover Kafirs.

The Government of India is asleep itself as it tries to enact laws which are created to help minorities living in $hithole countries but these laws never fully get implemented and it is the Hindus who continue to suffer.

@AmitShah, @narendramodi, do you really care about Hindus within and outside of India?

Hindus butchered

A Hindu man murdered in Sindh, Pakistan. There are no consequences nor arrests.
It’s been over a month since this cute little Hindu girl went missing in Pakistan.
Hindu females kidnapped and forcefully converted every single day in Pakistan.

A #Hindu girl Muskan from Daharki, Sindh was converted and married to a Muslim man named Sohail Akhtar. She was taken to Liaqatpur court for marriage.

Muskan, now Fatima.

Is CAA a Big Joke?

The Citizenship Amendment Act – now a Bill was enacted by the Government of India in 2019 in hopes of providing a way for persecuted religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who happen to be Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis or Christians to be eligible for Indian citizenship.

The Bill is enacted based on helping those who face brutality day-to-day under Islamic regimes. Such discrimination includes, rape, torture, forced conversion, kidnapping and even murder of family members of the persecuted religious minorities.

Regardless of such law-bill existing on paper, every day news of rapes and kidnappings of little children and even boys makes one question the Government of India and the default policy of Muslim appeasement at the cost of Hindu lives.

Forced conversions are nothing new in Pakistan.

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