It is very important how you talk to yourself, daily we think so many things and….. It impacts our lives, be kind and generous to yourself
When I talk to myself I remind myself the following thoughts.

A gentle reminder to myself

1) this too will pass, nothing is permanent.

2) you can’t control anything, you can just do your best.

3) At the end of the day you have to answer yourself.

4) regret is time wasting ,move on, go with the flow.

5) you can lose everything still your fate is with you.

6) you can lose money, power, status, relationship, etc still God’s blessings, your good karma, your knowledge, hope, no one can snatch from you.

7) it is inevitable that people will let you down, they will cheat you, they will turn out as a fake, still you can’t think that I am not going to trust anyone anymore, because you are good human being and many people are like you. Don’t lose hope.

8) if you will invest in people like treat them well, support them when they are in need, appreciate them, lend them ears, when they are sad, dejected and feeling blue, share your experience and knowledge with them and one day all these become blessings for you.

9)Don’t forget that you are also a dream for someone and they want to have you in reality. So you are special

10) You are a friend, guide ,mentor soul mate or may be only a hope for someone in this cruel world, you are precious,

And last thing is you don’t have to live here forever so don’t forget to enjoy your life

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