The individual consciousness can never live independently of other energies. Do we have experience of any energy being independent? In the current material circumstances of consciousness, as soon as the current situation terminates the consciousness particles must associate themselves immediately with another energy. Either, according to the Vedas, as energies made of the same conscious constituents, or the particle must be embedded within substances that are of an entirely different nature to itself.

So consciousness must find another shelter. Even when the consciousness particles are seen to transform themselves within consciousness energies, it’s not a guarantee of a permanent home, because within consciousness energies there are places where the consciousness particles can be seen having a long rest from activities, bearing in mind that consciousness is always active apart from the state of deep sleep.

Our Vaishnava Achrayas have compared the state of motionless in the consciousness energies, known as the brahmajyoti, with a kind of deep sleep; one could say with peace and harmony. But the teachers of Vedic knowledge bring to the attention of the reader that the inherent need of consciousness to exchange consciousness with another consciousness and engage in activities, eventually leads the consciousness out of this deep sleep of harmony. And because of lack of knowledge of the activities of the origins of consciousness, the consciousness particles find themselves back in the atmosphere of an ethereal, and eventually a devolved quantum and classical plane in order to exhibit activities.

Certainly it’s a scientific fact that energies are never destroyed, but transform. It’s also a fact that the energy source for this earth is the Sun, and the Vedas indicates the Sun is a devolved or transformed energy from the light of the effluent brahmajyoti. And the brahmajyoti is a transformed energy from the natural effulgence of the body of Divinity, who is described in the Vedas as the original Cause of all causes.

The Sun transforms its energies through photosynthesis and heating the atmosphere, causes heating and movements of air. The Moon’s energies are confirmed in the Vedas, as the Moon beams strike the planet giving flavour, this is not understood by modern science.

Srila Prabhupada makes the following statements:

  • Prabhupāda: It is better. [break]…the influence of the moon planet, the vegetation grows. Do they accept, the modern botanists, influence of moon planet? Parivrājakācārya: All the farmers, they… Prabhupāda: They do believe? Parivrājakācārya: They believe that. They plant certain seeds according to the moon. Prabhupāda: Just see. Pradyumna: Even in the West they only plant certain things on the waxing moon, not on the waning moon. On śukla-pakṣa. Prabhupāda: And moon is vacant. By the influence of moon, other vegetation growing, and it cannot grow itself. Hari-śauri: They admit that the moon rays have some kind of potency. They know that. Prabhupāda: No, it is stated in the Bhāgavatam.

Consciousness energies are transformed, in the sense that their circumstances transform and bring them into new environments, either different combinations of matter and ethereal energies. This transition happens on account of the consciousness association with matter and an ethereal plane, or in some cases a superior plane beyond the ethereal plane. But in the case of the former, the ethereal plane connects to the quantum plane of many possibilities, that eventually devolve into the classical four dimensional space we inhabit which includes time, as former reactions to classical, quantum and ethereal connections plays out for a given period of time.

  • Devotee (3): Śrīla Prabhupāda, is the subtle bodies in the subtle world, are they made up of subtle atoms? Prabhupāda: Subtle body means subtle atoms. So if we are in subtle body, so whatever there is in the subtle body, everything is there.

Permanent shelter for consciousness, the Vedas indicates, is a world of quality and variety, with beauty and love and attraction, where consciousness expands in a form that is fit for a particular display of loving exchange. The ultimate transformation and sharing of experiences, which the Vedas call rasa, is of both the consciousness of the Supreme consciousness and His other parts and parcels. This exchange takes place primarily between the origins of form and beauty, Divinity Himself. He is a Personality who displays a full and unlimited and ever increasing form and personality, which forever draws His parts and parcels, who now display the beauty of love toward Him in their respective forms, in ever increasing service and qualities of service.

Nothing is static in this, the highest of all planes, where any of the consciousness particles can reside. The immaculate senses and beauty of Divinity captivates the transcendental senses of His fully transcendentally formed parts and parcels, who take up residence, along with those who have never left His association, under the guidance of the personification of Divinities’ pleasure potency and Her expansions. Or under the guidance and care of others who exhibit fully the five types of loving exchanges with Divinity.

How it is possible for a tiny particle to reside with the supreme consciousness is explained by the Founder-Acarya of ISKCON, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

  • “So in the animal life it is not possible to change one’s nature, which is given by the material energy, prakṛti. Prakṛteḥ kriyamāṇāni [Bg. 3.27]. Kāraṇaṁ guṇa-saṅgo ‘sya… Kāraṇaṁ guṇa-sangaḥ asya sad-asad-janma-yoniṣu [Bg. 13.22]. Why? All living entities are part and parcel of God. Therefore originally the characteristic of the living entity is as good as God. Simply it is a question of quantity. Quality is the same. Quality is the same. Mamaivāṁśo jīva-bhūtaḥ [Bg. 15.7].
    The same example = If you take a drop of seawater, the quality, the chemical composition, is the same, but the quantity is different. It is a drop, and the sea is vast ocean. Similarly, we are exactly of the same quality as Kṛṣṇa.”

Our acaryas also indicate that in Krishna’s personal abode, His sweetness increases and His Majesty diminishes, thus enabling full loving exchanges between the Origins of consciousness and all His parts and parcels. This indeed is another inconceivable aspect of the Inconceivable Lord and Master of consciousness.

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