Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh government has decided to reclaim and recover its land illegally occupied by Rohingyas in Kalindi Kunj area of Delhi.

The UP government has given its assent to start the procedure for reclaiming the said huge tract of prime public land belonging to Uttar Pradesh government in Delhi area squatted on by illegal Rohingyas.

The land belongs to irrigation department of Uttar Pradesh, the department has now requested the Delhi Police to effect evacuation of the said land in Kalindi Kunj area. The Delhi Police is reportedly said to have assured to provide police force for the said purpose in a week’s time.

The Rohinyas were settled by the controversial Zakat Foundation on their land, but after a huge fire in their settlement in April 2018, the Uttar Pradesh government had allowed them to shift temporarily for a brief period. But the Rohinyas have not vacated the land even after three years prompting the Uttar Pradesh government to start the legal process to recover its land by evacuating the Rohingyas from state owned public land in Kalindi Kunj.

Notably, the Aam Aadmi Party’s local MLA, Amanatullah Khan, who is an Islamist mafioso enabled enabled making permanent settlements of Rohingyas on the said land. The number of houses built on the land has been steadily increasing and is now more than 50 houses.

Amanathullah Khan has assured the Rohinyas that they would not be vacated from the site so they can happily increase their numbers and keep squatting on public land.

Amanatullah Khan along with his Islamist goondas is likely to create law and order trouble to thwart the vacation of land.

Many local residents of the area have complained about the anti-social elements and undesirable activities of Rohinyas and want the Rohingyas to vacate their locality.

CM Yogi Adityanath true to his word of reclaiming government land from illegal occupation has been strictly enforcing demolition of illegal structures on public land and evacuation of illegal occupation, irrespective of denomination of occupation without any appeasement.

Rule of Law in Uttar Pradesh under CM Yogi is slowly and steadily transforming from the Land Mafia Raj of Mukhtar Ansari and many other mafia dons towards a true Ram Rajya.

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