Kaushik Basu was tasked with the impossible – to interview Rahul Gandhi and make him seem like a semi-intelligent person. This is only possible when pigs fly, but still, poor chamcha Basu took on the task.

Basu’s very long-winded questions which obviously contained the answers he wanted Pappu to regurgitate in not-so-many words seemed to go over ignorant Pappu’s head. When Basu is seen asking easy questions, Rahul baba is obviously in la-la land, trying to recollect what his PR team has primed him to regurtitate.

Alas, Rahul only seems to remember one word – STRATEGY. Rahul is basically given the ball so he can run with it. The field has been cleared. He only has to run… run… and run to the goal post. Still, Rahul baba seems to get distracted by his imaginary friends, by his love for China, by the silk road and the feel of silk pillows against his skin, by the blessings bestowed on him by his Christian masters, and he trips before reaching the goal post.

Dr. Basu asks Rahul — if Rahul were Prime Minister, how would he approach matters regarding US vs. China. Rahul pretends to understand the question and goes on an incoherent rant. He claims that the Chinese have a clear vision, a terrestrial global vision. Then he goes on to say that we [India] does not have a strategic vision. He overuses the word “strategy” in all its forms, over and over and over again.

If that were not enough, Rahul talks about the modern silk route with a nervous system. Poor thing seems highly confused and NERVOUS himself. This interview was as awful as the rest of his interviews and speeches. Though Alo-Sona is a personal favorite.

Rahul is a has-been. An ageing elitist who was handed everything on a platter. Despite having all the resources, Rahul has failed to launch. He is better off singing and dancing and doing pushups and stunts vs. opening his mouth.



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