Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sudden visit to Ladakh is louder than a hundred press conferences about the condition at LAC. This move of Modi is being praised by media and political analysts around the world. This visit of Modi and his speech clearly sent a message to our soldiers, China, and World.

Message to troops

He praised valor, courage, willpower, bravery, dedication, and physical power of Indian soldiers.  Indian army is best in exhibiting bravery and discipline at high altitudes. He said, willpower and dedication of our soldier is higher than mountain of Ladakh, that’s why our soldiers are incredible. All Indians are relaxed and have full faith on Indian troops. He also said, we will be able to achieve “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” because of our troops.  He applauded unmatchable courage that our soldiers exhibited on the 15th of June. Condolence and respect to Martyrs of Galvan clash was also expressed by him.

He also admired female soldiers and said, this is motivational to see them in war-zone. This is a clear message to troops that Government and fellow countrymen stand with them, trust them, and respect their bravery; irrespective of propaganda of congress and communists. He mentioned that the government is putting special emphasis on supply of the things required by soldiers and their families.

Message to China

After this visit, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “No party should engage in any action that may escalate the situation at this point.” This clearly shows that how China came on to the back foot. China doesn’t want any war at this point in time. No major announcement came from Xi Jinping after the 15th of June. Only Global times were engaged in putting psychological pressure on Indians but miserably failed.

Prime minister mentioned Sindhu river, Leh, Kargil, Siachin, Razang la, Galvan valley, Galvan river, etc. Ladakh is the forehead of India and it is matter of pride for Indians. By this, he was giving a message to China that the whole Ladakh territory belongs to India. Another message to China is, the era of expansionism is over; this is the era of development. In world history, any nation which favors expansionism was either destroyed or forced to change course.  

This visit of Prime Minister Modi will also be successful in sending a strong message to Chinese troops. It is really demoralizing for them because the Chinese government didn’t even pay proper respect to Chinese soldiers who died in India-China clash in Galvan Valley. Contrary to that, initially our chief of army staff visited, and now chief of army staff, chief of defence staff, and Prime Minister himself visited to monitor the ground condition.

Message to world

He addressed the world by mentioning world peace. Peace and friendship is required for humanity and the world to thrive, but weak can never bring peace. Bravery is a pre-requisite of peace. PM also mentioned Sanskrit quote “Veer Bhogya Vasundhara” which means The Earth shall be enjoyed by braves. He clearly mentioned that India is doing everything for peace; even the purchase of advanced weapons, infrastructure building is also part of the aim of maintaining peace. The world has always witnessed the bravery of Indian soldiers along with their efforts towards peace. India has always worked for humanity and peace. Indian soldiers are the torch-bearers of world peace because they have courage, conviction, and compassion.

This is a direct message to the world that, India is a peace-loving country but on provocation, we are ready to fight any war. India will not compromise with its unity, security, and sovereignty.  China has to stop its expansion policies; otherwise, it will be destroyed.    

Message to people of India

Prime Minister also said Ladakh is the soil of patriots. He mentioned both soldiers and the people of Ladakh. Patriotism and nationalism of the people of Ladakh is inspiring and motivating. He also praised the culture of Ladakh. This gives a clear message to people of Ladakh and the whole of India that Ladakh is part of India and it will be protected at any cost. He also mentioned Mother India and the courageous mothers of our brave soldiers.

So, basically this was the masterstroke of the master. This is one more step of Modiji towards becoming a world leader.  Finally, I would like to repeat Rashtrakavi Dinkar’s lines:

जिनके सिंघनाद से सहमी,

धरती रही अभी तक  डोल,

कलम आज उनकी  जय बोल।

जय हिंद, जय भारत..

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