I saw the whole debate raging across the planet regarding the abortion laws in USA.

Reminded me of the article that got me suspended from Facebook.

The whole Abortion debate has just exposed the UTTER and SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY of the woke, feminist , liberal jamaat .

Feminists say that abortion should be a choice and women should have all the rights choose to abort a child if they wish not to carry one and give birth eventually.

Women can choose to abort for various reasons .

  1. They may not be ready in the phase of life to bear and bring up a child.
  2. They may not have the finances to bring up a child.
  3. They may not have completed their education and a child may hamper their education and career.
  4. They may be too busy in a career to give a good healthy upbringing to their child.
  5. They may not have the support system, husband, or family to bring up a child. 
  6. They may have not planned the child .

In a nutshell , a woman can have ANY reason to abort a child.

First and foremost , this is 2022, contraceptives , like oral pills, condoms, IUD etc. are available ALL Over the world .If you DO NOT PLAN to have a child, why not use one ? Simple . 

If you are sexually active get on the pills, get IUD put .

If you are sexually active , do a pregnancy tests every week /at least every month . I think ALL governments should make pregnancy test kits Freely available in every city . Why wait for 2 months of missed period to check ?

If your aim is to plan to have a child , then get  onto contraception and remove it only when you do plan to fall pregnant.

If you did have unprotected sex , with no contraception in place , why not take the emergency pill ? Cheaper than an abortion and kills the small zygote (small ball of cells) instantly . the dead cells come out as a discharge.

Sorry , but no excuse in 2022 for NOT using contraception if you are not planning in having a child AND also not doing regular pregnancy tests if you are sexually active . NO EXCUSE .

Any woman , wmnx, wmnhufyu, trans, fran , cis , mis jhgjhga, gender person going for abortion in 2nd month should be out in prison for being callous , careless. What stopped you from taking a pregnancy test ?

Abortion should only be allowed in 1st month , in cases of rape , medical condition .

Bimbos , if you can get your gets waxed every month , get eyebrows done every week , take pouty insta selfies everyday, you can take a pregnancy test .

This also brings me to expose the UTTER HYPOCRICY of the woke, feminist liberals.

If they say that a woman should have the right to NOT carry the pregnancy and terminate it for ANY reason, finances being one of them, then why beast bosom over female foeticide, where poor couples choose to abort female fetuses?

I mean these poor couples who barely manage 2 square meals a day, know for a certainty that not only will they never manage to feed their children , educate them , but will never manage to save dowry which is a must to get them married off to a respectable family. They will get married to some drunk who will rape and beat her every night and eventually kill her . If a parent  knows that their child will eventually have such a future , why not terminate that pregnancy ?

If terminating pregnancy is allowed if ttheeh foetus is found to have a medical anomaly , which will ensure that they child will never have a normal and happy life , then why not terminate the pregnancy of a girl child when we know that she will never have a good life ?

I know all ping, grey haired, very very healthy (read FAT ) , feminist brigade will attack me but let’s get real , DOWRY is a fact , a reality in ALL OVER South eats asia ( India, pakistan, Bangladesh ) . Like it or not , it exists in our society, specially in lower strata. It even exists in high-class and rich societies, but we term them as gold-diggers (of every gender ) where marriages are fixed by seeing how much the spouse brings in inheritance to the alliance. And a high-end luxury car and a posh apartment as a gift are a given.

This poor couple will NEVER be financially ready for a girl child, so why stop them from terminating that pregnancy due to financial constraints that are certainty?

Why is an independent, working woman who can afford iPhones, and foreign holidays, the woman allowed to terminate a pregnancy due to financial constraints but a poor couple who toil 18 hours a day for 2 square meals not?

Hypocrisy much?

If Abortion should ber permitted for financial reasons , then gender-based termination of pregnancy should also be permitted .






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