Special Interaction’ : on ‘Why should PFI be banned?’

        ‘There is widespread violence against the laws made by the Government elected by the citizens. After the year 2014, the nature of terrorism is changing. Currently, the work of creating danger to the country through ‘Agitational Terrorism’ is going on by the ‘Popular Front of India’ (PFI). These people have recognised that creating riots, turning people into militants is doing more harm than terrorist attacks. Therefore, PFI should be thoroughly investigated. Retired Brigadier Hemant Mahajan asserted that strict action is required against them. He was speaking in an ‘online’ special interaction on the topic ‘Why PFI should be banned ?’ organised by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

       Brigadier Hemant Mahajan further said, “Militant organisations or terrorist organisations need money to function. PFI is funded by Islamic nations. This funding should stop. Only then will these terrorist activities stop. Those Islamic countries, as well as other organisations in the country, who are providing financial support to PFI should be dealt with under international law. Until financial channels to PFI are closed, terrorist activities will not stop”.

‘Like Jinnah, ‘PFI’ wants to break India and make it an Islamic nation’

– Praveen Dixit, Retired Director General of Police of Maharashtra

        Praveen Dixit said, “In the year 1947, Mohammad Jinnah divided the united India and made Pakistan. On the same lines, there is a conspiracy of ‘PFI’ to make an Islamic nation. The Gulf countries send billions of rupees every month to the ‘PFI’, trying to create chaos in India by spreading sectarianism and casteism. So just banning ‘PFI’ will not stop these activities because it is an ideology. They will again carry out terrorist activities under a different name. For this, the Center has implemented the ‘Unlawful Activities Prevention Act’ (UAPA) and action is being taken against those who change the name of the organisation based on this. Only if immediate strict action is taken by this law, the terrorist will not dare to commit any major treasonous act. Terrorists are being dealt with through judiciary, yet supporters of terrorists are seen falsely complaining that ‘Muslims are being oppressed’. Retired Director General of Police Praveen Dixit also said that public awareness should be created about this propaganda.

Mr. Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

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