The film is much anticipated and after the trailer release, there has been much trolling of the major mishaps shown.  Below are some of these questions —

Why does Raavan’s (Saif Ali) beard make him look like a middle eastern mullah?

Why is Saif Ali’s Raavan, the biggest Shiva Bhakta, not wearing a Tilak?

Why does Saif’s character have blue eyes?  Is this supposed to make political statements about the fake Aryan Invasion Theory?

Why is Sita (Kriti) shown as a peripheral item piece in the trailer?

Why does the Vanar Sena look like a copy-paste from Planet of the Apes?

Why is Shri Hanuman wearing leather in scorching Sri Lankan summer temperatures?  Why is he depicted so badly?

Why does the Pushpak Viman look demented?

There isn’t a glimpse of dharma, saffron, rudraksha, or any other symbols which represent one of Bharat’s ultimate, historical tales.  The costume designer gets a 0/100.

Why is the film colorless and drab?  This isn’t Lord of the Rings, but the story of Rama, so why the depressing cinematography?

These are things that cannot be fixed in the last stages of editing.  The director either thinks that the public is stupid or worse – thinks that no one will notice the similarities (i.e. copy-paste) from King Kong, Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones, etc.

Will people flock to the cinema to watch this film?  The public might just #Boycott it without an actual boycott campaign being run against this one.  What a shame indeed.

Image: Zoom TV


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