While scrolling through Twitter today , i came across , as expected , yet again, the unhinged, in your face , hypocrisy of RJ Sayema .

She was shaming Indian on a public platform because , BJP affiliated accounts shared images of Chinese Airport as the projected image of yet to be built Jewar Airport . The error was laugh worthy and was mocked by a Chinese State Affiliated account . And our dear Secular Muslim RJ Sayema jumped on this opportunity to humiliate teh BJP government . Even if it meant to side with Chinese , who are doing a genocide of Muslim in China ? Whoooaaa . So much enthusiasm to call out a goof up by BJP but NO SPINE, COURAGE to call out China for genocide of Muslims ? Damn woman , you plunge to new depths for being such a HYPOCRITE .


Then dear secular muslim lady posted a video about Constitution being the sole of Indian . If so then why do Muslims follow Sharia ? Follow constitution, One country , one law ? Why should muslims get Special reservation , be called a minority (even though if they were to make another country , they would be 7th or 8th most populous country on the planet ? Why are you muslim men allowed 4 wives ? Why is Halala Allowed? Why be allowed to form a trust and start a college only for muslims ? BE equal infront of law ?

Miss Sayema highlights a video where LOCALS are agitating agianst a local church forcefully converting Hindus , but stays MUM when Chinese Govt is destroying Mosques. Oh dear. SHAMELESS.


She also shared video of her Guru Rana Ayub where she is calling Indian fascist where Modi backed Hinutva goons are murdering and supressing Muslims . Strange last i checked Rana Ayub never onve called out China where the actual genocide is taking place ? I mean Muslims are so supressed in India that their population growth is double of that of Hindus, they get special treatment , they marry Hindu women and ocnvert them with no fear , they kill and do genocide (Ref : Kahsmiri Pandits) , become captain of National Cricket team , Become Bollywood Superstars, Become (third class) journos who spew venom of Majority day in and day out and nothing ever happens to them .DAMN SO MUCH SUPRESSION . I wonder what freedom would taste like ?

So STFU bigot , victim baiting , HYPOCRITE .



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