Hindus of Tripura crumbled down the Chinese and Pakistani mindset Hindi local body elections use results where out yesterday. Hindus of Tripura gave a tight slap in the Redish and greenish cheeks of people who often goes down into the bracket of anti Civilizational activities and quite loudly expressed their zero-tolerance attitude against Anti National activities.

Yesterday the results of local body elections in Tripura came out in which Bhartiya Janta Party won thumping victory and Communist parties along with Congress and Trinamool Congress where reduced to single digits. BJP won 329 seats out of 334 seats in the local body elections which clearly tells the mood of the nation. BJP grabbed more than 59 percent of vote share. CPM and TMC managed to get only 3 and 1 seats respectively.

CM Biplab Kumar Deb, without naming TMC, told the media that voters had given “a befitting reply to slander by a party that does not even have a base” in Tripura. “I dedicate today’s victory to the people of Tripura. They (BJP’s detractors) defamed Tripura with false and fabricated allegations, but the results indicate that the people will remain with PM Modi,” he said.

Opposition again narrated the same old story .CPM state secretary Jitendra Chowdhury said, “BJP would not have won a single seat in the civic poll had the elections been free, fair and peaceful. They actually looted the votes, disrespecting the people’s mandate. In the next assembly election, voters will give them a proper reply.”

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