For those who watched the Oscars, the mood post ‘altercation’ was weird and eerie.  The audience which at one point seemed certain that the slapstick comedy was part of the Oscar funny agenda soon realized that Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was anything but staged.

Chris Rock seems to have made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith in the past, prior to the Oscar jibe.  His comment on Oscar night did not sit well with Will, though in the video clips he seems to be laughing at the joke made by Chris.  Jada’s face twisted into something uncomfortable and she rolled her eyes when Chris indirectly and directly made fun of her baldness and supposed hair loss condition known as alopecia.  Pinkett Smith has been quite open about her long struggles with alopecia, which is an autoimmune condition which causes a person to lose their hair – even eyebrows and eyelashes.

Soon after the joke was made the world-wide audience saw Will get up, walk on stage and slap Chris for making fun of his wife.  Will had choice words for Chris as he went back to his table and wife.  Hollywood is shocked and seems perplexed about how to deal with unprecedented event.  The Academy has indicated that they will review the event and circumstance and take further notice.  i.e. They will figure out the smoothest way to cancel Will and Jada.  Hollywood is probably conflicted as Will and Jada are upstanding actors who have maintained their mark in the industry for decades.

So how exactly will the leftist loonies in California cancel the couple, or at least Will?  Cancel culture is a virus which has infected liberal and democratic societies in the name of diversity and inclusion.  So how will Hollywood deal with a Black actor who should be supported by default in the spirit of inclusion.  Will they take his Oscar award?

Let’s see how smoothly the Fresh Prince gets canceled.  Jada has talked about healing and Chris isn’t filing a police complaint but that doesn’t mean the Hollywood looney liberals won’t hang Will.  Figuratively.

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