Spoilers ahead, but let’s be honest – nothing in the movie was original or required any brains to watch.

This film can be summed up in one word: DESPERATE. Rohit Shetty isn’t known for giving us stellar movies in terms of plot and this one is probably his worst one ever.

Akshay goes from Bellbottom to Sooryavanshi without any problem as the characters do the same old fake desh bhakti routine. However, Mr. not-funnybones delivers a snoozer for the most part. His overacting, mainly about showcasing how GREAT India’s Muslims are makes him look like a Khalistani puppet.

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Katrina aunty must have begged to bag this role. She keeps looking worse with each screen performance. First of all, it is NOT believable that her character is a doctor. They never really show her specialty but have her running around in the same hospital corridor looking unprofessional and desperate. Sorry, but she just looks old and a misfit for the role. She can’t even play #woke right when she tries to leave Akshay after the stupid mall incident.

More annoying than an ageing Akshay and a retired aunty is the character Simmba, aka Ranveer Singh. If we think Akshay’s overacting makes us want to smack him, Ranveer’s annoying presence on the screen makes us wish that he’d get shot by the Muslim gondas.

There is no enjoyment here. Jaaved Jaaferi, Jackie Shroff, Ajay Devgn are totally wasted in this low-grade film. Shetty makes a mockery of the 1993 bombings to say the least.

One redeeming factor is listening to Alka Yagnik’s and Udit Narayan’s tip tip barsa pani. However, that too is ruined by over-gyrating large ass and mortifying close ups of Katrina’s plastic face. Another thing this song does is remind us of the talented Raveena Tandon who did it much better.

The film is pathetic. The execution is half-baked and the film is all about minority appeasement.

We wonder how much $$$ Shetty was given to white-wash terrorists and members of the religious peacefools.

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