Mullah Ergodan’s mouthpiece, “Daily Sabah” recently wrote about historical Sufi “connection” between India and Turkey.

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Let’s be honest – Sufism was the first form of jihad excursions into an ancient Hindu civilization because the crazy mullahs did and still do dream about gazwa-e-Hind. Their fantasy of destroying the kafirs is very much alive.

Turkey ‘sponsors’ students from jihadi communities in Kerala, etc., to study in Turkey and in turn, indoctrinates them into full-blown terrorists who work against India. There is plenty of evidence in the news. The culprits are NGOs who work under the guise of religious madrasa work and/or higher “educational activities” aka university education and exchange programs and sponsorships.

The op-ed in the Daily Sabah utilizes subtitles like “a journey of interaction” while even an half-wit knows that there as no interaction, rather IMPOSITION of the desert cult on unsuspecting kafirs.

Recently Turkey has been caught between a boulder and an abyss and the economy is in freefall. Hallucinatory Caliph Ergodan lately urged his people to adopt vegetarianism to combat inflation and just a general lack of basic necessitates in many parts of the nation.

The article talks about Turkey’s plans to connect to the East, blah, blah. No one is fooled that Turkey is desperate, isolated, tanking, and has had a pattern of being on the wrong side of history. The only good part is that the Turkish people see through the wacko mullah-caliph Erdogan and his pipedream. The only folks more desperate than Turkish leadership are the haters in #Pakistani leadership who are still looking to Turkey for providing them with some sense of non-kafir history and parentage.

There will be NO reconnecting of India-Turkey relations until Turkey stops supporting jihad in India. No one is buying this Sufi crap anymore.

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