The last fortnight – who will get past the tape of Presidential horse race?

Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winner and left leaning economist, warned of a disastrous economy and markets if Trump were to win the election in 2016 . He must be eating more than the proverbial crows! Haven’t heard of his astute commentaries and predictions of late! We also know that he never wanted to support bumbling Biden. President Trump led efforts and succeeded in Lowering of taxes, revitalizing manufacturing, fighting the unfair tariff war with China, changing unfair NAFTA to a fair USMCS , making NATO states pay their ‘fair share’ of the agreed upon contributions to the NATO fund to bolster their own security, etc. are landmark political moves to set right the economic agenda.

How Modi outmaneuvered China?

The recent military skirmishes or battle in the Galwan valley marked a seminal moment in Indo-Chinese relations. Never before has any Indian Prime Minister stood firm...