The recent military skirmishes or battle in the Galwan valley marked a seminal moment in Indo-Chinese relations. Never before has any Indian Prime Minister stood firm against the bully tactics of its arch rival China. Prime Minister Modi stood firm in Doklam and in Ladakh to stop China’s devious territorial grab policies. And while the political and diplomatic war continues, Mr. Modi’s charm offensive with the rest of the world over his current and previous term seems to have paid dividend. 

Historically, India has been considered by the West as an unreliable ally thanks to the impotent non alignment policy during Nehru era. In contrast, China befriended the entire Western world by exploiting the “profit motive” to become the West’s manufacturing hub and enriching itself in the process. As such, China became the Asian Dragon, accepted and welcomed into governing bodies like the WHO, IMF and the UN Security Council. Prime Minister Xi however, represents a communist nation that pushed the envelope too far by creating a Sovereign Fund to enforce China’s infamous “killer contracts” on unsuspecting poor countries of Africa , Asia and elsewhere
In reading the shifting tide, Prime Minister Modi’s charm offensive over the past few years has seen India’s stock rise dramatically. PM Modi’s brave and innovative approach  invited the world to participate , partake and empower their own growth story by aligning with India’s economic growth narrative( as he eloquently put it at the 2019 UNGA). This message of partnership gained foothold to a world frustrated with China’s predatory practices under President Xi and laid the foundation that India, and Mr. Modi are benefiting from today. 

As such, China to its detriment has found that 2020 is very different than 1962. Then we had a PM who was blinded by his idealism to the extent his foresight didn’t extend beyond his nose. He selfishly thought his Panchsheel , referring Kashmir situation to UN and Non aligned movement will fetch him the Nobel Peace award. Instead the Chinese gave him the bloody nose and he never recovered therefrom. So while we cannot erase the mistakes of 1962 from our history, India today wants to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes again as evidenced by the unified response of the entire country to boycott Chinese products which led to the Government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps in India! One could never have imagined such a bold and decisive action by any leader of ‘Mahagathbandhan’ especially given the “Special relationship” between the Congress Party and the Communist Party of China! 

It’s said that  “Ek myaan mein do talwarein nahin rah sakti” (Two swords cannot be kept in one sheath) but that’s the geopolitical strategy China has played well against India in the past. By bullying India, it had successfully made former Prime Ministers appear less equal! It isolated India and its leaders by keeping them occupied in regional skirmishes with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal and for too long, India’s leaders have taken the bait. In contrast , Mr. Modi has successfully established an elevated equilibrium for India, and himself, in the eyes of the world.

China has not only lost the battle of Galwan valley but it stands fully exposed to the world at large. India must seize the moment and keep the pressure on. This is exactly the moment we honor and pay warm tributes to those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country and those who are ready to do so again if called upon to do so. Yes, peace is paramount, but India will not be bullied to forcibly accept peace on a no choice basis. Today Asian nations are petrified of the bullying by China. They are looking up to India to stand up against the Chinese shenanigans! This is the precise reason China wants to subdue India so that it can dominate the rest of Asia with impunity. Indian bureaucracy and foreign policy mandarins would do well to ensure that China doesn’t manipulate its way into India’s sovereign borders. By confronting the Chinese belligerence and thwarting their military adventurism, India has earned respect from all over the world.

lts time the dragon learned to fear the Tiger’s roar. 

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