Technology has brought tectonic shift in the way we consume news and views circa 2020! Every message reaches millions in the blink of the eye or the click of the mouse! Thus it’s increasingly difficult to ascertain the truth from the¬†fake, and in all fairness, it would make more¬†sense to declare all¬†articles¬†subject to correction upon further review!

It‚Äôs with that spirit I ask if Democratic Presidential¬†candidate, Mr. Joe Biden made this statement quoted widely on Twitter :¬†‚Äú Schools should ramp up ‚ÄėIslamic faith‚Ä̬†studies, Muslims must ‚Äėmobilize‚Äô against Trump. Look , one of the things that I think is important is I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith‚ÄĚ. ¬†

If the quote above is incorrect , wrongfully  communicated or has been advertised with malafide intent then it bears no merit! However if these are indeed Mr. Biden’s words and thoughts then they merit further review. Mr. Biden is an honorable politician and has successfully remained at the crease for a rather long time. His innings in Congress and the White House have spanned many administrations.

As such, he¬†should¬†have¬†know of a program called ¬†‚ÄúAccess Islam‚ÄĚ which was introduced by Bush Administration‚Äôs Dept. of Education,¬†in 2005, and then further refined under¬†President Obama. The program provides public school teachers for grades 5-12 with resources to teach children about the tenets of the¬†religion as well¬†ask their customs and practices. Considering that Mr. Biden referenced the program recently in a speech for the Muslim community, his new statement belies one of two¬†conclusions. Either he¬†feels¬†the afore¬†mentioned program does not go far enough to¬†‚Äúindoctrinate‚ÄĚ students in the Islamic way of life, or he¬†feels he can score a few deliberate¬†political points by playing vote bank politics.

If the former is¬†true, my enquiry to Mr. Biden why there should be¬†more¬†resources applied to teaching Islam in schools over other world religions like Hinduism? Should the Department of Education support the installation of¬†‚Äú Access Hinduism‚ÄĚ? ¬†After¬†all, in a¬†world struggling to find unity,¬†Hinduism is one of¬†the few¬†religions that did not find its origins in the Abrahamic faith and offers scope to be inclusive as a way of life. Hinduism and ¬†Sanatan Dharma are the only faiths that have not waged a war against any country¬†to extend its territory or impose it on anyone behind the fa√ßade of ‚Äúfreedom of religion‚ÄĚ! Isn‚Äôt that truth and reality worth knowing and learning for a country that called itself a ‚Äėmelting pot‚Äô?

If the latter, Mr. Biden, ¬†I would remind you that appealing to Muslims in this manner¬†is exactly the way India‚Äôs Congress party¬†played and courted¬†them¬†in India to disastrous effects.¬†Today‚Äôs voter is too cynical to¬†accept¬†vote bank politics of minority appeasement and pandering. After all, even Mr. Biden‚Äôs¬†predecessor to¬†the throne, Hillary¬†Clinton¬†played the antics of the ‚Äú¬†Russia reset‚ÄĚ, and while she did get back a dubious Russian dossier on Mr. Trump, it¬†didn‚Äôt get her¬†the White House!¬†What are you planning to¬†sell¬†to the vote bank of Muslims this time to capture the Presidential desk? For the moment though it‚Äôs important to make sure this¬†whole thing is¬†not one of Mr. Biden’s many¬†legendary gaffes which I confess offers great entertainment in these moments of¬†voluntary¬†quarantines and global pandemics brought on by¬†WuhanVirus?¬†

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