Mizo or Kuki or Chin? A Brief History of Mizoram

It is not widely known that something called Mizo doesn't exist. It's an artificial construct introduced as a national identity of the Kuki/Chin tribes residing in Mizoram who converted to Christianity and are ready to lose their identity to become a part of Lushai Tribe. Lushei tribe which entered India in late 1700s is one of the last in the wave of tribes entering from Yunnan into North East India and on it's wake, the other tribes residing in Lushai Hills fled further towards Cachar and Manipur. The introduction of Christianity made them a unified mass with a common identity which is still a major reason for strife between Mizos and Bru, the older and more original residents in Mizoram.

Prof Truschke must Explain

Rutgers University finds itself between a rock and a hard place, having been placed there unceremoniously by its own Associate Professor Audrey Truschke. Hindu...

Alluri Sita Rama Raju’s Rampa Fituri

Alluri Sita Rama Raju's Rampa Fituri is one of the last major tribal rebellion against the British Rule in India. Spread all over the tribal belt of North Andhra Pradesh corresponding to the current Araku Lok Sabha Constituency of Andhra Pradesh, the story of the rebellion is a saga of sticking to a stand even if it means on one side and on the other side, the opportunism of those who saw some use in this rebellion to further their own selfish ends.