The Legend of Queen Suhuva and the Destruction of Jayachandra Gahadavala

Ignoring the insinuations of Prithviraj Raso and looking objectively at the history of Jayachandra Gahadavala or Jaichand of Kannauj, one would notice many open questions - the prominent being the reason for his presence at a place like Chandawar where he was killed. Prabodha Chintamani says Suhava is a keep of Jaichand and she invited the Muslims when Jaichand refused to pass the throne to her son. Whatever the veracity of the story, treachery is a theme which should be seriously explored.

A View of Kannauj effectively describing what is left standing in Kannauj


The story of Bundelas is long and bloody because this is the story of demise of a dynasty that forged a kingdom in blood. This is the story that defined Shahjahan's reign, introduced the jihadi Aurangzeb. This is also the story of the rise of two implacable enemies who would nearly destroy the mughal empire in the north.

Singhapala – The Indian Kingdom in Philippines

Singhapala or Sugbo was a short-lived kingdom in Philippines which was formed two generations before the start of Spanish Conquest. Centred around Visaya Islands, this kingdom flourished through trade but had a rough career, first due to Moro slave raids and then due to the Spanish attacks. Not much is known about it and almost no traces of it's cultural heritage exist.

Raja Sri Humabon

Mittani and Out of India Migration theory

Three incidents point to the migration of Indians towards Middle East and playing a major role in local politics there - The Migration of Sons of Pururavas(Yajur Veda), 4.2k Global Event and Mursili's raid of Babylon. In an area of continuous flux and chaos, the recruitment of new migrants to reinvigorate the destroyed agriculture and protect them militarily from external raids is a distinct possibilty.

Kashmiri Hindus – On the Verge of Extinction

The Government should declare us a critically endangered species like the Hangul (Kashmiri Stag) and put us in a reserve. After all, amongst other names, Muslims also called us Hanguls and just like the Hangul, we have been hunted down for centuries and are now battling for our survival.

The burden Of Brotherhood

While I continued to hold on to my values of assimilation, accommodation and respect for all faiths, I was given 3 choices in 1990 – Convert, Flee or Die! I fled but I still held on to the values that were so deeply ingrained in me. And then in 1992, everything went up in smoke. The orchard was vandalized, trees were cut down and the house was set on fire by the same neighbors I had so much faith in.