Tipu Sultan was cursed by the Narasimhacharya of Srirangapatanam when Tipu raped a widow lady by the name of Gayatri.

The curse was that his sword would open his entrails, and whoever touched the sword would get a part of bad karma.

The sword actually was used to kill him! Narasimhacharya had predicted Tipu’s death on Amavasya. On Pramod Savantsara, Vishaka Krishnpaksha amavasya, Gowda warrior took blessings from Chamundi and did Vadh of the scoundrel Tipu. After his killing, he was staked on his sword.

The British who found the body of Tipu did not know about the curse. Tipu’s body was left to rot, and soldier Thomas Paddington, who discovered the corpse staked to the ground with his sword, presented the sword to his leader Captain J Munro. Thomas died within a week of dysentery.

Munro was killed in a cannon misfire. He too had serious injuries on his abdomen. Sword was disowned by everyone, reached the Tower of London and was put on a display.

The workers who had placed the sword in the Tower of London too died mysteriously to diarrhea, literally pooping their guts out. The royal house that possessed the sword ran into trouble, so the sword was disowned by them.

They returned the sword to Captain Moffat who was a friend of Captain Munroe. Captain Moffat died the same year, in 1850. His estate then tried to sell the sword but could not. The sword was lost. Then they hid the fact that it was Tipu Sultan’s sword, and tried to sell it along with carpets as unmarked!

Sotheby’s auction has records that it was Tipu’s but later changed the sword to “unknown origin”. When a Bollywood scum tried to buy the sword to be used as a prop for his fake Bollywood drama on Tipu, a fire engulfed the set and scum received extensive burn injuries.
(The fire incident took place on Sanjay Khan’s sets where he was making a film on Tipu Sultan.  Sanjay Khan was scarred for life)

Vijay Mallya then bid on the sword and got it cheap because nobody else wanted it.  Mallya was a multi billionaire at that time. The sword ripped through his empire and made him destitute. He disowned the sword and now no one wants it.

Anybody who gives respect to Tipu will suffer the consequences of partaking in most heinous acts Tipu did on Bharat.


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