The following is explosive information I have received on the India-Canada Diplomatic Standoff from a trusted source.

Published largely as is. A must read.

The assumption regarding the India-Canada Diplomatic Standoff is that either India conducted covert operations with plausible deniability or Canada is creating a strawman that India is involved.

However, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is India’s wanted and Canada’s harbored assets are taken out. Before delving further into it, the background needs to be laid out.

1. India’s action in Galwan and its capability with respect to China was observed by all major powers and that has changed geopolitics with respect to India.

2. The West (primarily the 5 Eyes Alliance Members) never went into a major without major help from others. During the World Wars, colonialism was used to source ground soldiers from their occupied territories like India and China. During the Cold War, entire Europe was involved. Currently, the Western forces must take on China and even to take on it non-militarily, the West needs massive help. India cautiously agreed to play the ball but with a string of conditions.

What are the conditions India has set?

1. With Pakistan – Terror and Talks cannot go together

2. With China – Border Encroachments and Trade cannot go together

3. With England – No FTA when you harbor India’s economic fugitives and Khalistan terrorists

4. With Aussies – No FTA when you harbor anti-India forces (Aussies have changed their policies)

5. With France – No sale of same military assets to enemies of India (France agreed)

6. With USA – Strategic relationship and India sabotage activities cannot go together (Agreements are progressing gradually)

7. Similar things are in the pipeline with everyone including the European Union. These agreements are verbally agreed and templates of agreements are in progress with each of these nations. It takes time to roll back so many of these things that have accumulated over decades. These agreements mean roll back of the Five-Eyes based espionage projects such as Khalistan.

Now comes the implementation part. Some nations’ ways of life will have to be altered. In that aspect, Canada will end up as a victim among the countries of Five Eyes. Its entire national character will collapse amidst the Big Boys’ agreements of Asian adjustment.

Here comes the US and UK advising Canada “calm down, calm down”. They also keep telling India “slow down, slow down”. But for India it is a time for trust but verify and balance the books. It’s like “You clear this act, then I clear that act. I did GE414, Predators, alternative BRI.

Where is the promise of the shutdown of the Khalistan project? If you have a problem, I will show you how to shut it down.” Coincidentally a slew of wanted terrorists died in drug peddling gang wars in Canada.

Here is where Canada said, “Enough is enough. The rest of the nations of Five Eyes club need to be taught a lesson.” It opened with an assertion that India is committing such actions and the Five Eyes agreement must be adhered to. Aussies said times have changed and it is dead on arrival.

The UK said they aren’t stopping FTA with India. The USA engaged in some monkey-balancing with Blinken’s request to India for cooperation. Here the onus is on the USA to decide on Anglo bonhomie Vs lets-deal-with China front.

Canada is a test bed for India to see how much this western shift is workable. For the western nations that are building a new world order to counter China, dealing with Canada and shutting down the past projects of Five Eyes and repercussions is also a test bed. It’s basically an intra-Anglo turmoil in accommodating India into the Western World on India’s terms.

A few unrelated points to be noted:

1. Not able to trust India completely in QUAD, the AUKUS (Five Eyes) got created but it was soon realized it is useless without India.

2. USA has barged into India-Israel-UAE agreements and has turned it into I2U2.

3. News from the Gossip Mill is that in the USA, it’s a tussle between the State Department and Defense Department. The former is loyal to Obama and the latter to Biden. The State Dept hates India and has leaked inconvenient information to Canada. The Defense Department, on the other hand, wants to do deals with India.

4. As others have remarked, G20 was a Rajasuya Yagna. What happens to a kingdom that dares to oppose the King during Rajasuya?

That’s what will happen to Canada. Canada is the Shishupala.

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