Who are these intellectuals, set to expose the lies? The statement of SC Judge has energized the group of low lying and high flying Lutein thugs. The liars in this nation suddenly felt it to be a clarion call of duty for them?

The sulking group of Lutein Journalist, Bollywood thugs and Award Wapsi gang all of a sudden assumed this whistle statement can be used against Modi Government.

Some tearing statements of DY Chandrachud SC Judge has brought in a promising hope among this Lutein Thug Gang to utilize his sensational statement to discredit Modi Government. It was the same gang that heaped abuses and innuendo to Judiciary on the whole when Five Jude gave a unanimous decision in favor of Shri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

Where is the Intellectual left in our country Sir? Who are they?

Most of them are on the payroll of China. And rest are napping in the lap of Overseas Talibani masters. Indian Newspapers carried much bigger advertisements celebrating China than what Global times in China could do. The Indian Communist party went into a prostrated position before the Chinese Pollitt Bureau.

And Lutein Media only multiplied the agenda of BBC and Washington Post, how to malign the national interest. For decades, “Aman ki Asha”, sponsored by a Pakistan sympathizer, funded hate India campaigns. Insurgency in Kashmir was kept alive and fomented for nearly three decades to balkanize the campaign of India. Naxal has more Lutein foot soldiers then in remote forest.

During Covid crisis, Heard and seen, how Lutein Vultures made a live telecast of a burning body in the Cremation ground. Few enjoyed selling the picture and celebrating the unfortunate death. Editorial, paper long articles and hysterically TV anchors all concealed the Government and others responsible Himalayan effort.

Queue of these eminent, knocks your door mid-night to set free a terrorist like Yakoob, Afzal and Burhan. Series of petitions will be lined up before you for ensuring illegal Rohingya and Bangladeshi be allowed to stay? Bunch of thugs will abuse and malign the Indian Defense force.  Why So??

Where are the intellectuals hiding when Hindu citizens are Lynched? And when an innocent girl is trapped, sexually assaulted and murdered in Love Jihad. Or when a poor tribal and downtrodden is lured for religious conversion by missionaries.     

No Shame left actually? You cannot see them? Is this the true color of intellectualism? Is it too dark and unforgiving? Can a liar expose a State Lie? Do you know all this happening, Why?

All in the name of hate for PM Narendra Modi?

Do you really mean them as intellectuals, Dear Sir?  

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