Call for Hindu Nation

P.C. George a elected MLA from Poonjar riding in the southern Indian state of Kerala, has demanded that India should be declared as a...

Amazon Prime’s Urban Naxal Hinduphobic Aparna Purohit Wontedly Incites Mayhem

Aparna Purohit's Urban Naxal Hinduphobic ideology can be gauged from an analysis of her social media posts which display her jaundiced and highly prejudiced views against Hinduism, Hindu policemen, Hindu ascetics, the BJP and RSS and provokes class wars . She abuses the professional platform of Amazon Prime to promote her toxic ideology of ultra-leftist and jihadi bias against Hinduism and Hindus in general.

What is Love Jihad?

The term love jihad means when someone conceals his real name and identity. And then they come in contact with non-Muslim women and they...

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Why Hindus need to rewrite their history to expose the communist-marxist education system of India that has been anti hindu and pro Islamic Invaders.

When the Britishers had observed the ancient Indian education practices and sytems such as Gurukuls, they had understood that to destroy India they had to first destroy our systems of imparting education that made it impossible to brak india for them while they flourished. So they started convent schools, converted large sections of populations of hindus to christianity and taught Hindus self hatred for their culture and how British culture and the christian faith were superior to everything indian. The roots of the modern indian education system lies in these systems.