In response to criticism of his portrayal as practising and proud Hindu in his biopic, “Rocketry: The Nambi Effect,” in which R. Madhavan plays his part, former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan has responded. On social media, a video clip from one of his interviews in which Nambi Narayanan questioned whether being a Hindu was a sin went viral.On July 1st, 2022, “Rocketry: The Nambi Effect” was published. The movie was written and directed by R Madhavan. He has also portrayed Nambi Narayanan, the movie’s protagonist. The portrayal of Nambi Narayanan as a devout Hindu in this movie has enraged the liberal and leftist media and film reviewers.It is noteworthy that in her review of the movie, critic Anupama Chopra voiced her disapproval of portraying Nambi Narayanan as a practising Hindu. She said ” “It’s admirable that the film has brought Narayanan’s many accomplishments into the spotlight, but the screenplay repeatedly underlines his patriotism and also leans pointedly into his religion. Our first visual of Narayanan is in the puja room at his home. At crucial moments, he prays. Narayanan is a true-blue Hindu patriot.”

In an interview with Deccan Vahini, Nambi Narayanan said, “It is funny sometimes. You know somebody wrote a review saying that Nambi Narayanan is shown as Hindu. Nambi Narayanan is doing some Utsavam, reciting Suprabhatam, this, that, and all kinds of things. He is a Brahmin. He is a Hindu. Hindutva is being shown. I just wanted to ask you – I am a Hindu. I mean I have no shame in saying that. Is it a sin to be a Hindu?When I am a Hindu and my story is shown, they will show me as a Hindu only. They can’t put me as a Muslim or as a Christian. So what is it that we are talking about? Is it a sin to be a Brahmin? I am not a Brahmin, that is a different question. Is it a sin? If there is a Brahmin fellow, you will just cut him short. There are so many Brahmins, who have given their lives for this country. Not just one. I can give you a list. So the point I am making is we are unnecessarily coloring the issue.”

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