While 2 went to murder Kanhaiya Lal, 3 Izlamists waited outside. New revelation comes to light during investigation of Udaipur Killing

New revelations have come to light during the investigation in the brutal murder of Kanhaiyalal on June 28, 2022 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is being told that 3 others were present around the shop when Taylor Kanhaiyalal was murdered by the two accused. All of them were ready to attack after Riyaz and Ghaus were caught. Police has arrested two other accused Asif and Mohsin of these. Search is on for the third accused.According to Dainik Bhaskar’s report, Asif’s age is 24 and Mohsin’s age is 25 years. For the attack, both of them had gone to the spot with the attackers Riyaz and Mohammad Ghaus on different bikes. About 70 meters before the shop, both of them had stopped in a street on their bikes while Riyaz and Gauss went inside the shop to execute the incident. Both of them had preparations that if the dice were to turn upside down or the attackers were caught or weakened, then both of them would also attack the shop with daggers and swords.After killing Kanhaiyalal, both the accused ran away and came back to Mohsin and Asif. Both of them left from there by putting Riyaz and Gauss on the bike. Later, when both the attackers were caught, he gave information about Mohsin and Asif.

On the information of Riyaz and Ghaus, the police also found an unclaimed Activa, whose registration is in the name of Mohammad Ghaus, not far from the spot. Activa number is RJ 27 BS 1226. On this basis, the police is speculating that a fifth accused was also present near the spot during the attack. Police are also looking for the fifth suspect. At the same time, according to another report, Riyaz and Ghaus, both the accused of the attack, were getting instructions from Pakistan. Salman Bhai, who gave these instructions, had spoken of doing something different from the attackers and peaceful sit-in demonstrations would not make any difference. In the latest development, the Ashok Gehlot government has suspended Udaipur’s Additional SP Ashok Kumar Meena. The reason for Meena’s suspension has not been given. Earlier, IG and SP have been removed by suspending the local SHO and ASI of the area.

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