Akbar the Butcher of Hindus

1. Akbar killed the unconscious Hindu king Hemu and became a Gazi in the second battle of panipat

2. He massacred thousands of captive Hindu soldiers and built a tower from their skulls

3. Later Akbar ordered the massacre of 30000 innocent unarmed Hindus after the fall of Chitod on 24th Feb 1568

4. How can you call Akbar a butcher of Hindus as a Secular King ?

5. Akbar honored only those Musicians who converted to Islam

6. Legendary musician Tansen was a born Hindu by name Ramantu Pandey, Just because Akbars daughter Mehurnissa loved him, Ramantu Pandey was forced to convert by Akbar and he became Miya Tansen

7. Navaratnas in his kingdom were converted, for instance famous Veena player Raja Misar Singh became Naubat Khan

8. To fool Hindus he created a new religion called Din -i-Illahi. He tried to mix Islam+Hindu+Parsee to create a cocktail, Akbar was an illiterate so was his religion, only 17 nobels followed his religion which included Raja Birbal, His religion died before him

9. None of his own children followed his religion

10. Icing on the cake was his son Jahangir born to his Hindu wife Hira Kunwari, killed a Kafir (Hindu) and earned the title of a Gazi

11. Akbar twisted religious principles to his own advantage

12. He had 300 wives and 5000+ concubines in his Herem, He was a Sunni Muslim but followed a Shia practice to legalise his 300 wives. Islam allows only 4 wives but in Shia custom there is a practice called “Mutta Marriage” wherein a Muslim can have n number of wives from other religion even for as short duration as a one night stand. Since Sunni Ulema opposed his 300 wives, he replaced Kazhi (a sunni religious head) with a Shia cleric who supported him marrying 300 wives.

I think this is enough to understand the communist version of Indian History.

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