Usually Pr0phet Mohammad is not to be depicted in any form. Same goes for not drawing Allah. However, there is news that Bosch Fawstin has come up with an image, a drawing of Mohammad after over five hundred draft attempts.

Mohammad and Allah are not to be portrayed in Izlam as the drawing borderlines kafir-type idolatry. Many have lost their lives over the years to j!hadis who are intolerant to such depictions. This is considered to be violation of basic freedom of expression by many.

Bosch Fawstin has the following message for those interested in the drawing of Mohammad. The sale ends in ten days:

Hello, everyone. After drawing Mohammad 500+ times, I just created my first Mohammad NFT, (Non Fungible Token) and it’s available for sale at an online auction for those who might be interested. Thank you, Bosch Fawstin


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