The Indian government is slated to not allow four ISIS Keralite Indian women currently jailed in Afghanistan to return to India. They had accompanied their husbands to join the ISIS in Afghanistan.

Of the four Kerala women three were non-Muslims who converted to Islam and became radicalised to join the ISIS along with their husbands to purge all the Kafirs (non-Muslims) from the world for the establishment of the Holy Caliphate. Nimisha a Hindu became Fathima, Sonia Sebastin a Christian became Ayisha, Merrin Jacob a Christian became Mariyam on conversion to Islam.

Between 2016-18, the three women travelled to Nangarhar in Afghanistan. Their husbands who were ISIS fighters were killed on separate occasions in Afghanistan while fighting for the ISIS. These women who survived their husbands surrendered along with thousands of other ISIS members before the authorities in Afghanistan.

Ahmad Zia Saraj, head of the National Directorate of Security told few weeks ago to news reporters in Kabul that 408 members of the ISIS from 13 countries are lodged in Afghanistan prison. Of these, 4 are Indians, 299 Pakistanis, 2 Bangladeshis, 16 Chinese, 2 Maldivians among others. Saraj also said that talks are being held with the countries to deport the prisoners.

The Indian government headed by PM Modi is not inclined to allow these ISIS women from Kerala to return to India. In March 2020, an international website published a video of these women who were identified as Sonia Sebastin alias Ayisha, Merrin Jacob alias Mariyam, and Nimisha alias Fatima and Raffeala. In the video the four women were found to be highly radicalised with firm conviction for establishing a Caliphate in the entire world.

In 2017, the NIA had filed a charge-sheet after 21 men and women from Kerala left India in 2016 to join the ISIS in Afghanistan. According to NIA, Sonia Sebastin from Kasargod left India on May 31, 2016 with her husband Abdul Rashid Abdullah. Sonia who converted to Islam to become Ayisha took secret classes with her husband to support ISIS and Jihad during Ramzan.

Two Christian brothers, Bestin Vincent and Bexon from Palkkad converted to Islam and inturn converted their respective wives, Merrin Jacob a Christian and Nimisha a Hindu to Islam. All four of them escaped to Afghanistan in 2016. Notably, Nimisha’s mother, Bindu a Hindu had also petitioned the Supreme Court as an impleader in the famous Akhila Asokan/ Hadiya Love Jihad case to recognise the menace of organised conversions of young non-Muslim girls to Islam, radicalising them and shipping them off slyly to join ISIS abroad.

The fourth woman Reffeala, a Muslim was married to Ijas Kallukettiya Purayil, a physician from Kasargod, and was identified as one of the ISIS terrorists who stormed a prison in Jalalabad, Eastern Afghanistan in August 2020 which killed nearly 30 people.

There is a growing clamour among the ‘secularists’, leftists and so-called liberals to let these ISIS women from Kerala come back to India, by calling them ‘innocent’ Kerala Mon (Kerala’s Children) and rehabilitating them by giving them government jobs. The anti-national, anti-Hindus have now latched on to these four hardened radicalised jihadi women after Ishrat Jehan!

But the Modi government with its firm commitment to national security and zero tolerance to jihadi terror is in no mood to oblige.

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