According to an article on the website (follow link below), AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) does not own the land it was sitting (now squatting) on. Following is an excerpt from the article on
“Jat King Mahendra Pratap Singh (1886-1979) had given about 3.04-acre land for setting up a school to the Aligarh Muslim University on a 90-year lease. With the lease ending last year, descendants of the Jat King have demanded that the University’s school in Agra be renamed after him and the rest of the land that Singh had given to the AMU be returned to them”.

This is not surprising given the fact that most structures, palaces, famous landmarks considered built by Moghul rulers in Bharat are Hindu architected and Hindu built. The only moghul contribution is the superficial changes to outer surfaces to declare them Moghul property. This is then followed by destruction of all historical facts to forever conceal the truth. What is surprising is that AMU, which is not known for any academic achievement but known really well for controversies that are almost always against Bharat & Hindus has never once mentioned the rented land it is squatting on since the lease had expired in 2019. It seems the tenants are in no mood to move. Needless to say AMU was already determined  to become a permanent squatter. It will be a very safe bet that this will be a long and quite possibly a violent court battle if history be told. Not just the extremists like Owaisi but liberandoos (ie the commies, the naxals, the Romila Thapars, the Arundhat Roys, the Ravish Kumars, the Vinod Duas, the Jaichands and rest of the Hindu Eichmanns) and far more importantly the historically anti Hindu judiciary will all join forces to act as Skeletor of the Kingdom of the Grey Skull to make sure injustice is served to Hindus. The stakes are very high for the islamic extremists and they will fight to the bitter end.

It will not be surprising to see the other expansionist religion with its missionary agents also take a firm stand against the Jat King’s descendants because it has countless churches built on illegally occupied land or on land for which the leases have run out as well. These churches would not want any precedence like this to be set which could be used in the courts against them to vacate illegally occupied lands.

The OpIndia article also states that the Jat owners of the AMU land are asking for return of the land or pay equivalent compensation for the land. The Jat King’s family should be persuaded to not seek monetary compensation for several reasons, two of which are:

1. AMU has bottomless donation coming from state sponsored terrorism Islamist nations such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Islamic foundations like Zakat. It will easily pay for the land in case it loses the case in the court. The most important outcome of this case should be NOT to go for monetary compensation but to uproot this hateful institution that proudly displays photo of Jinnah who divided Bharat in 3 parts. Uprooting this anti Hindu hub will have far reaching positive consequences for Bharat.

2. If AMU loses the case, then it will obviously opt to pay for the land. If that happens then it will most definitely file a separate case to challenge the fair value of the land and could reduce the compensation very significantly. Remember the judiciary almost never works fairly when litigation involves Muslims as defendants regardless of who the plaintiff is. We are all too aware of how the famous Shah Bano’s butchered case verdict turned out.

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