If one points out that the integrity and sovereignty of Bharat is safe because of Hindus, then he will probably be termed a communalist or extremist or a jingoist who knows. But sadly History and the current affairs narrate the same story now and then. Why are Hindus being targeted in non-hindu majority states in India? Why are Hindus the constant target of secessionist/terrorist groups who want to carve a particular state out of the India state be it Punjab or Kashmiri or North-eastern states?

Kashmir Punjab and some North-eastern states of India all have different cultural, religious groups in Majority but all of them has two things in common. Number one is the secessionist activities going around the state and the other is the continuous targeting of Hindus living as minorities in the state. Now the question arises why Hindus? Why Hindus being targeted though they are in minority? The answer to this lies in my previous paragraph for which many would have already given me labels of communalist, hate monger, jingoist, xenophobic etc.

As I stated in the earlier paragraph, “The integrity and sovereignty of Bharat is safe because of Hindus”. No State can be carved out of India if has hindu population residing no matter be that population too small.

Manipur has 41% Meitei Hindus, who are the original inhabitants of the land and covers only around 10 percent of the total land of Manipur and mostly present in the valley. On the other side, the state has the same percentage ie. 41 percent of Kukki Christians/Nagas which are present in almost 90 percent of the land of Manipur and mostly present in the hilly areas.

Kukki Christians have been provided the Scheduled tribe (ST) status though not the original inhabitants…. therefore no person is allowed to settle in the area where Christians live. Also it must be kept in mind that they encompasses almost 90 percent of the state’s area.

When Meitie Hindus demanded the ST status, High Court agreed and this made Kukki Christians start riots !! Also it must be kept in mind that kukki Christians are the ones who asked for seperate nation and embarked secessionist journey aginst the Indian State which we are still dealing with.

The present state of Hindus in Punjab is also the same. It suggests that Khalistanis are planning the exodus of Hindus from Punjab. Hindus are the greatest obstacle in the path of creation of Khalistan and therefore Khalistani sympathizers are trying their best to remove the obstacle from their path.


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