This is a second post of ancient indian inventions and discoveries, without details but after sometime i will post all the details.

I write this with considerable impatience and one question . Do we really know what we are , why we are and how we are supporting our Culture in this modern era with scientific entity ?

There is no doubt that indian science is losing ground, every indicator shows this . The ranking of our top scientific educational institutions is consistently falling and our achievements are fewer by the day . Most importantly, Indian scientists are nowhere to be seen in the world you and i inhabit .

This is when our modern world requires science to be integrated into every aspect of daily life .

In this post , you will find another 25 inventions and discoveries name .


  1. The Decimal system
  2. Pingala series (Fibonacci series)
  3. Binary numbers
  4. Chakravala the method of algoritham
  5. The Theory of Atom
  6. The Heliocentric Theory
  7. Civil Engineering and Architecture
  8. Production Technology
  9. Shipbuilding and Navigation
  10. Astronomy
  11. Ancient and Modern Mathematics (Fundamental and Experimental)
  12. Ancient and Modern Physics (Fundamental and Experimental)
  13. Ancient and Modern Chemistry (Fundamental and Experimental)
  14. Music and Music instruments
  15. Poetry
  16. The USB (universal serial bus)
  17. Board games (Chess, Snakes and Ladders (Mokshapat))
  18. Yoga
  19. Shampoo
  20. Cure for leprosy and lithiasis
  21. Natural fibres
  22. Airplanes
  23. Stem Cell technology
  24. Laws and Cosmology
  25. Dance

This is another 25 ancient indian discoveries and inventions from the last post S1-P1, Next time, I will share next 25 ancient indian discoveries and inventions .

Will be continue …



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