The international media is at it again – misrepresenting a domestic Indian protest to global audience in order to malign India’s global image. Greta Thunberg, a teenage so-called environmental and ‘rent-a-cause’ activist from Sweden gave the game away by sharing the “Riot Toolkit” online. In the process, got named in an FIR to be investigated by Delhi Police. This is the same Greta, who is hot contender for Nobel peace prize this year. I won’t be surprised, given the international confluence of anti-ndia forces, that she wins it for her work on ‘Rioter’s Toolkit’ to create anarchy in India. Out external agencies have their work cut out. An emerging, developing society has to fight off external aggression in any period but India particularly has to resist internal collaborators. Enemies within have definitely been weakened but not defeated. Twitter, Facebook coming down with nationalist tweets and posts. However, we need to be pre-emptive in our strike. Reacting to enemies’ shenanigans shows lack of initiative on our part.

Riyana, Greta and Mia Khalifa are just pawns. They are paid puppets but the puppeteers behind the scene are powerful people and institutions. They are using every toolkit in the book to jump at Modi’s throat at every opportunity. Note how any new bill is made difficult to pass and rollout in order to deter him from implementing his agenda for development in India. To some extent, they succeeded in CAA and NRC. But I am sure a government that is brought into power with a thumping majority has the wherewithal to deal with these hurdles and outsmart out enemies abroad. It’s clear that we have to develop a preventative strategy for Sikhs abroad who think they can create ruckus in India using their money.

What they don’t realise is that we Indians might fight each other but when it comes to foreign aggression, we stand together resolutely. Success of #IndiaAgainstPropaganda and #IndiaStandsUnited hashtags is a testimony to that. These are top trending hashtags on twitter even three days after when they initiated. Let me warn our enemies using an example from the past. After independence, government of India created a unity commission to integrate India. Fear was that due to so many inherent differences owing to language, dialects, culture, etc. we need concerted efforts to integrate India. After Chinese aggression in 1962, it was felt that the Unity Commission was not needed anymore as China has inadvertently by their aggression had united Indians resolutely behind the country.

But we can’t be complacent. We have to take initiative in our hands. Our enemy is rattled after 370 revocation and the worldwide support Indian managed to garner. They are rattled with our vaccine diplomacy. They are using proxies abroad to settle scores. What we need is a counter strategy to hit them abroad. Why is terrorist like Jagmeet Singh and his SFJ accomplices, not listed as terrorist who no one can do business with. Why are we buying pulses and farm produce from these Canadian farmers who are funding anti-india protests? Important is for our missions/embassies abroad to develop a network of willing expatriates that they can use to arrange marches and protests. Unlike India, foreign countries cover demonstrations as very important media events because people don’t come out unless they feel very strongly about it. Our embassy in Canada, UK, NZ, Australia have to work hard to counter any terrorist activity and run campaigns to defeat anti-india forces both overtly and covertly.

Greta’s toolkit has opened many eyes and hopefully woken authorities out of their usual slumber to take action. We can’t sleep when our enemy is awake. Follow the money. No protests, campaign, terrorist activity can be orchestrated without financing. Ban companies, individuals from doing business with these entities. Much like prohibited list that’s enforced by US, EU and many other companies.

Nobel peace prize to a rent-a-cause who writes ‘Rioter’s Toolkit’ will be a crying shame but the world we live in saw a Malala given the same prize for being shot at in a Pakistani village. What about all those Hindu minor girls who are abducted, raped, and forcefully converted. Do they not deserve a Nobel peace prize. What contribution to peace had Malala made in her life? Another poignant observation is that Nobel peace prize are being given out to 15 year olds as candies. They are lost credibility fast. One given to Greta will completely bury the prestige of Nobel prizes for good.

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