The Prime Minister in Rajya Sabha, referred to a new breed of professional protestors, the Andolanjivis, who make themselves seen and heard in any protest to be in news and gain political mileage. These professional protestors are a breed of parasites well funded by the George Soros’ of the world to spread anarchy in India and break it from within.

In this context, the Prime Minister quoted Subash Chandra Bose to say that this country’s nationalism is based on the strong moorings of Satyam, Shivam Sundaram and has the power to withstand onslaught of powers inimical to it from outside and their collaborators within India in the form of the Andolanjivis.

It is no brainers to guess who these Andolanjivis are, they are the leftists who being electorally emasculated due to their Foreign Destructive Ideologies (FDI) now are on a rent a cause spree to create mayhem in India. The leftist-jihadi cabal are famous for violent “protests” world over to effect regime change or usurp power using democratic right to protest as a tool to destroy democracy itself.

The fake farmer protests in Punjab-Delhi Singhu Border for the past more than 70 days is strewn with professional protestors with political ambitions like Yogendra Yadav, Prashanth Bhushan, Harsh Mander, Arundhaty Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, etc. who can be seen in every protest or even manufacturing huge protests at the behest of their political patrons, the Nehru Dynasty and global lobbies who see an advantage in weakening India’s economy, defence and Vedic civilizational roots.

The anti-farm law agitation in India was spear headed by the Congress since the beginning in the State of Punjab. A motivated movement, which began in the Congress-ruled State of Punjab transformed into violence, rioting and desecration of the Indian tricolour on India’s 72nd Republic Day.

CM Captain Amarinder Singh ensured the ruling political dispensation remained steadfast to the anti-farm law propaganda to the extent that rest of state governance is in complete limbo.

Notably, on Sunday, a large group of unemployed computer teachers protested ouside the residence of the State Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla in Sangrur in Punjab.

Teachers marched on a state-level rally against the government for being jobless, despite clearing the ETT and TET exams. The agitation was spearheaded by the Computer Adhyapak Union, the teachers sought a merger with the Education Department. They first gathered near Sangrur Deputy Commissioner’s office, before marching to Singla’s local residence.

Reportedly, a scuffle broke out between Punjab police and teachers. The protestors tried to go across the barricades near the residence of the State Education Minister, when they were heavily lathicharged by the Punjab Police.

The police cracked down on the demonstrators with lathis which seriously injured four protestors. However, a total of 19 teachers were able to breach security and cross the barricades. A protestor informed, “After regularisation, we’re still working under a society. Our meetings with Singla and other authorities have failed to get the desired result.”
The President of ETT and TET Pass Union Deepak Kamboj informed that the Punjab government had been considering B.Ed pass individuals for ETT posts. He said that “This is injustice with us and we will not tolerate it at any cost. The government must consider only ETT-pass youth for ETT posts.”

The protesting teachers also held a ‘Poll Khol rally’ in Bhawanigarh to urge people to not vote for the Congress party in the council elections.

It is not so surprising that our professional Andolanjivis and their fellow passengers in the media have shunned this protest by the teachers of Punjab against the Congress government as no protest against their gravy train providers can be brooked at nay coast!
Notably, the Punjab CM had personally set up an elaborate legal team to bail out the anti-farm law rioters in Delhi. The Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh himself Tweeted to state that Punjab government has hired a team of 70 lawyers to ensure quick legal recourse for the so-called ‘farmers’ booked by Delhi Police in connection to the Republic Day riots.

CM Capt Amarinder Singh also said that he will personally take up the issue of ‘missing farmers’ with the Ministry of Home Affairs and ensure these people reach home safely. Netizens were shocked that taxpayers’ money was misused to provide legal aid to the rioting mob.

This incident brings out the true sinister Fascist face of the Congress-leftist cabal which is known to crush any and every kind of dissent and protest against them. Incidentally, the Congress propped Maharashtra State Government’s Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh has come up with a brazenly bizarre idea to order an investigation to crush nationalist icons of the country like the legendary Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar for tweeting in support of India Against Propaganda when the diabolical Riot “Tool Kit” authored by Khalistanis was revealed inadvertently by the juvenile busy body “activist” Greta Thunberg. The Riot “Tool Kit” is a veritable handbook aimed at creating concerted global protests to undermine India’s sovereignty and defame globally Indian government under PM Narendra Modi under the garb of anti-farm law protest.

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