Government cannot control Population. They can not enter the room with a set of legislative instructions. All claims and demands of Parliamentary legislation to control the population growth are absurd and impractical.

India where Man enjoys rejoicing in patriarchy and society sanctioning such obnoxious practice has had an unchecked run of centuries. The lust of man found many patrons. Everybody including leaders from Social, religious to educated suave background stood for the protection and promotion of Man Lust.

Freedom lover called it freedom of Choice and Women empowerment. But deceitfully they promoted women to be an object of sex and exchangeable, Sellable commodity. Do not forget the role of Bollywood in promoting displaying Nudity Vulgarity on large Silver Screen. They Sold female body as an object in the name of art. Money tightens the Lips of all conscience keepers.

Live in relation, Single Mother, Unwed Mother, Child Marriage, Polygamy, separated couple, Regular Divorce and Instant Divorce are few illustrations where plight of women have been titled.

In all such cases, men celebrate his manhood and Women are mostly left to fend for themselves. With no fear of losing anything, the age old family system and value system is fast crumbling. The rapid rise in Population has its root hidden in child marriage, multiple marriage, instant divorce and unchallenged patriarchy.

Can the Government check a Social evil which enjoys Social sanction?

Yes. Bring UCC- Uniform Civil Code. This legislation is not for and against any religious or Social group. It is for the betterment and Justice of Women. Justice in all matters related to Marriage divorce and Wealth is the fundamental right. And Half of Population cannot be denied their fundamental rights.

If India wants to prosper and look for a peaceful coexistence, UCC is a must. Small family, a prosperous family and an educated family will be Key to a better world.

Who will oppose it? All who had the benefit of a patriarchal system, who used and threw women as commodities will disapprove and resist. They will utter all types of nonsense from behind different masks and under different titles. Their reasons and arguments will be intellectually motivated to subterfuge a gullible audience.

But they are the true enemy of Women Empowerment. It will be a historical moment for Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi to write a new Chapter on Gender Justice by legislating UCC Uniform Civil Court.


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