Looking at Stalin’s government in Tamil Nadu and Mamata didi’s rule in Bengal, it can be clearly understood how anarchy has spread in both the states. Arbitrariness and crime is at its peak in both the states. In fact, ever since the DMK came to power in Tamil Nadu, the state has been in the news for untoward incidents. Whether it is about bad law and order or the destruction of Hindu temples by the Stalin government. First our temples were targeted and now the dictatorial attitude of the Stalin government regarding our oldest language, Sanskrit. Every time the arbitrariness of the Stalin government of Tamil Nadu is increasing.

In fact, recently, the first year MBBS students of Tamil Nadu’s Government Madurai Medical College took oath in Sanskrit instead of English on Saturday 30 April, after which the Stalin government supporting Tamil Nadu’s radical ideology removed the dean.

It must be noted that, the students took the ‘Maharishi Charak Oath’ instead of the Hippocratic Oath during the Orientation Ceremony. This is the first time in the country, when medical students have taken Maharishi Charak oath instead of Hippocratic. Tamil Nadu Finance Minister PTR Palanivel Thiaga Rajan and Revenue Minister P Murthy were also present during the ceremony. The DMK objected to why the Hippocrates oath was not taken. If seen, then the government which can get Hindu temples demolished, how will it tolerate the increasing spread of Indian culture?

Tamil Nadu Health Minister MA Subramaniam has ordered an inquiry by the Director of the Medical Department, Dr. Narayana Babu, for violating the rules. The state government said that it would send a circular to the heads of all government medical colleges asking the students to always get the Hippocratic Oath.

At the same time, Dean Rathinwell on this whole matter said that the student committee itself had decided to take the Charak oath, and the students had obtained it from the NMC website, where the Sanskrit oath is in Roman script. However, his argument was not accepted by the government.

Overall, the squeeze is that the way the Stalin government is adopting an anti-Hindu stand, it seems that there is no harm in the Stalin government in insulting the Indian civilization and culture



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