With a shocking report exposing its own record of human rights breaches against religious minorities, particularly Hindus, the United States’ virtue signalling as a worldwide watchdog of human rights has come under criticism. According to a recent report by the Centre for Democracy, Pluralism and Human Rights in New Delhi, US educational institutions are indoctrinating their pupils with anti-Hindu propaganda.

The US uses its middle school curriculum to bully students into accepting the Bible as historical truth, and it coerces Hindu students to give up their religious beliefs and learn that their religion has no divinity in its origins but was manufactured by a racist group of people known as the Aryans, according to this report titled ‘USA Human Rights Report.’ These Hindu students must also go against their parents’ religious beliefs and respond in their graded assignments that their religion is a human creation, and that religious works such as the Vedas, which they believe to be divine revelations given to sages, were simply made up by humans to exercise power. According to the research, both the state and federal judiciaries have been participating in the religious battle against Hindu youngsters.

The report claims, “Textbooks throughout the country indoctrinate children with Biblical claims while presenting Hinduism in a hostile manner. In California, the sixth and seventh-grade history curriculum requires students to learn that miraculous events in the Bible were actual historical events. The curriculum does not make the distinction between Biblical mythology and history, and biblical narratives such as Moses hearing a voice and Paul having a vision are taught as actual history with even dates assigned to the mythological events. The teacher’s edition of one textbook implores teachers to tell students that the Egyptians could not capture the Israelites because “the Lord made the wheels fall off their chariots.”

Students must connect Biblical artwork with Biblical verses in a workbook, with teachers encouraged to discuss the verses further. Religious indoctrination occurs when mythology and history are mixed together and taught as facts to young children with sensitive minds.

Professor Joe Barnhart, a religion expert, highlights various issues in these California textbooks that amount to Biblical indoctrination in an expert report. Hinduism, on the other hand, is singled out for hostile treatment in textbooks, which strip Hinduism of its belief in the divine, present it as a human construct and oppressive social system, and even use offensive language and imagery, such as a pig eating out of an overflowing garbage bin as a symbol of Hinduism. In these texts, Hindu ideas are frequently mocked. ”

The monkey king Hanuman loved Rama so much that it is stated that he is present every time the Ramayana is told,” the textbooks noted when covering the Hindu epic Ramayana.

The California History-Social Science Standards and the California History-Social Science Framework, which define how different religions should be taught to students, require Hinduism to be described in a derogatory manner while treating the mythological claims and characters of Judaism and Christianity as historical facts with dates.

This is diametrically opposed to how Hinduism is described. According to the History Framework paper, Hinduism began with priests who “assumed authority” and “expounded” doctrines. The process of adopting these materials was also discriminatory, with authorities and their experts making derogatory remarks about Hindus. The officials also discriminated against Hindus by granting Jewish, Christian, and Muslim pleas for sensitive treatment of their religions while making disparaging remarks about Hindus who made similar requests.

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