Hindu activists have always been sceptical about the formal population figure of the total percentage of Christians in India. The figure shown by Census and other official authorities capping the number of Christians in India to 3.5% of the total population has always been contested by activists against rabid evangelical conversions.

Now it seems that the fraudulent methodology of the evangelical organisations to suppress the number of Christians converted by allurement, force and fraud to avail Dalit reservations in education and employment available to Hindus is out in open.

A pastor’s video going viral on social media shows him aggressively exhorting that people who have converted to Christianity but not openly identifying themselves as Christians should come out of the closet and proudly identify themselves as Christians.

In the video, the pastor from Tamil Nadu, openly admits that though the government numbers show that Christians form 3.5% of the population, they actually constitute 35% of the population. He also urged all such crypto Christians to throw away all their reservation benefits available to Hindu Dalits and tribals and declare themselves as Christians to show their sheer demographic strength to the country and authorities.

The pastor can be passionately seen saying in Tamil, ‘throw away all privileges and jobs and come out and declare yourself a Christian. The government states, 3.5% of the total population are Christians in India. The truth is, we are 35% of the total population’. This viral video seen on social media platforms is given below.


Notably, in the season of elections in Tamil Nadu, the Christian clergy of all hues and the Muslim clergy have openly asked their community people to vote en masse for the DMK in the forthcoming assembly elections as they have declared AIADMK as a communal party.

Notably, till the towering personality J. Jayalalithaa was alive the Christian and Muslim clergy would not give such illegal fatwas to their community openly knowing Jayalalitha’s popularity among Hindus and women making it difficult for the radical Abrahamics to trounce her electorally to get anti-Hindu DMK permanently planted in power.

Pertinently, the Commune magazine reports that earlier in February, a self-styled ‘Bishop’ named Godfrey Noble had stated that government records does not show the actual Christian population on the ground and insisted that 35% of the population are Christians.

It is high time the central government undertakes a proper and scientific census in India and the Christians and Muslims who constitute several multiple crores in population are divested of their so-called minority status, which should be accorded only to real minorities like Parsis.

The Muslims and Christians gain undue advantage and privilege from the country’s scarce resources and it is highly unfair that hundreds of crores of tax payer’s money are bestowed only on them at the cost of several marginalised poor Hindus and other real religious and cultural minorities.

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